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aLaunch 4.1.1

aLauch is an application launcher, and is operated via the status menu. You can chose to display icons at 16 pixels - 64 pixels. Files and folders can be registered with aLunch as well. Folders will be opened in the Finder. Different categories can be...

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BatControls lets you schedule events (reminder messages, shell commands, and launch files) to execute when you want. Ever have a project where you had to copy or move a file every two hours, after about 4 hours you get tired of copying or moving. Let the...

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WorkStrip X

WorkStrip X 2.0.2

WorkStrip X is a systemwide productivity-enhancement tool for professional and intensive Mac users. Situated on the desktop, WorkStrip X provides an advanced customizable alternative to the Dock. WorkStrip X has a fresh Aqua interface and native operation...