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PamFax 3.4

PamFax is a free app that lets you send faxes all over the world via an ADSL internet connection - no telephone line is needed! Before apps like PamFax, to send a fax you needed to do one of two things - have an analog telephone connection and a program...

DNS Angel

DNS Angel 1.2 updated

Block sites and other web pages unsuitable for children. Useful if your PC is used by children, Filter sites that pose a risk, Rstore the default DNS with one click. No options, Doesn't show each filtered...

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KeyTweak 2.3.1

Redefine Your Keyboard Input Signals For Free. It does its job very well, Your computer will not lag when pressing the keys, It only activates/enables as per your request,. It is very difficult to learn how to map your keys, Changing things back can be...