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Bragi 0.1.0 / 0.0.12 updated

Bragi works with both client-side (browsers, CommonJS, Browserify, or RequireJS) and server-side (Node.js) environments, and will help developers debug their applications with the help of a well-structured logging mechanism.The library is quite easy to...


Sitespeed.io 3.6.3 updated

Sitespeed.io can be used via the Node.js command line and comes with support for HTML reports and logging via Graphite. It works by using PhantomJS to mimic one or more browsers, downloading the page, and collecting various Web performance-related...

jQuery Stage

jQuery Stage 1.1.8 updated

jQuery Stage sniffs out viewport details for debug purposes. A demo is included with the download package. jQuery Stage collects: Viewport width Viewport height DP DPPX PPI DI Viewport type (desktop, tablet, phone) Viewport orientationWhat is new in this...


Istanbul 0.4.3 updated

Code Coverage is a metric used in software development describing the amount of code that has been tested. The higher it is the better it is. Istanbul is a toolkit from Yahoo's engineers,created to help developers in testing their code. Istanbul can be...

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CATJS 1.1.0 updated

CATJS reads simple annotations added to the application's HTML code and caries out various tests.It works with HTML5 code only and will allow developers to simulate, preview, and test how a page's elements will be interacted with by real users.Test...


Sismo 1.0.3 updated

Sismo is contained in one single file which developers can easily install in their applications' root folder. They can then access either the CLI or the Web-based interface and point the application to the tests it needs to run. Once it runs the tests, it...


Cucumber 2.1.0 updated

Cucumber allows developers to write and test code as they go, avoiding future mistakes and design flaws. Cucumber can be used for Ruby, Java, Flex, Python and .NET apps at the same time. It is also compatible with most Ruby MVC frameworks, including...


PHPUnit 5.3.2 updated

PHPUnit is considered a de-facto standard for unit testing PHP code. The framework returns results in an easy readable format. They (the results) are properly formatted for quick analysis and easy navigation.What is new in this release:New PHAR release...

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Flog 4.3.2

Code is tested and scored, if the score will be high, than the harder it will be to run.Flog essentially scores an ABC metric: Assignments, Branches, Calls, with particular attention placed on calls.What is new in this release:Added --extended / -e to put...