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PrimeFaces 5.3.1 updated

PrimeFaces can ensure a good UI and UX layer for your Java application. It was developed for Java Server Faces 2.0, and is largely based on jQuery UI. PrimeFaces adds extra support for modern technologies on top of jQuery UI, adding some extra widgets as...


Materialize 0.97.5 updated

Materialize closely follows instructions laid out via the Material Design documentation and provides a simple frontend UI framework for building such projects. The framework comes with built-in support for responsive layouts and mobile devices, allowing...


Bootstrap 3.3.7 / 2.3.2 / 4.0.0 Alpha 5 updated

Because one of the first version of Bootstrap was used to create one of Twitter's former Web page layouts, for a long time this framework was known under the name Twitter Bootstrap. Since Bootstrap is not officially used for Twitter's layout anymore (not...


Hologram 1.4.0 updated

Hologram is similar to StyleDocco, KSS, or Kalei, allowing developers to generate docs for their CSS, along with examples embedded under each explanation. This allows developers to understand how to properly use a UI widget, preview its output, and also...

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AdminLTE 2.3.2 updated

AdminLTE is nothing more than a collection of various UI widgets and components, all added on top of a Bootstrap installation, put together to cut down development time when working on backends & dashboards. While AdminLTE is quite large, you can easily...


UIkit 2.24.3 updated

UIkit is a complex UI framework developed using LESS and on top of the jQuery framework. It was created to help developers quickly assemble a user interface for their applications, without having to write the code for every widget time and time again. As...

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Ext JS

Ext JS 5.1.1 / 4.2.1 / 3.4.0 / 6.0.0 Beta updated

Considered one of the pillars of the JavaScript framework market, Ext JS, along with jQuery, MooTools, YUI, and Prototype have made it an common practice and cemented the notion of using JS libraries for developing complex Web applications.The second most...

Semantic UI

Semantic UI 2.1.8 updated

Semantic UI not only focused on providing a wealth of UI widgets, but also focuses on the way these components are written, allowing anyone to know what the code does just by looking at it. By doing this, Semantic-powered UIs are not only easy to write,...