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BlueX 2.1

Convert AVCHD, MTS, m2ts, and Unencrypted Blu-ray to Quicktime fast. Lossless conversion of AVCHD and Blu-ray to Quicktime with H.264 wrapping. Convert to ProRes or Apple Intermediate for iMovie, iDVD, Final Cut Pro, Avid, After Effects, Motion, or...


mkvWatch 2.1.0

mkvWatch converts from MKV to the preferred format for AppleTV. mkvWatch can also add your movie straight into iTunes so that you are ready to watch in minutes. mkvWatch converts MKV movies into a format optimised for the Sony PlayStation3 and new Sony...


iVI 2.518

Apple's iTunes application is the gateway that millions of people use to watch video on their Macs, iPhones, or even on their televisions (with AppleTV). However, if your video was not purchased from the iTunes Store, getting it into iTunes (and...


MPEG2Works 5.2.1

MPEG2Works allows to encode your HD input files to high definition (HD - HD DVD compatibile), format with just a few clicks. Every encoding option will be auto-set based on your input movie properties or you can set desired options by yourself. 720p and...

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CosmoPod 4.5.1

CosmoPod is an extension to Apple Safari that helps you save videos to an Mac and iPod friendly format. It downloads almost all web videos (FLV, Windows Media (mms) and Real Media stream (rtsp), WMV, DivX) and can import them to your iTunes in one-click....


iFFmpeg 5.7 updated

iFFmpeg makes it easy to convert media files with FFmpeg for both beginner and experienced users. iFFmpeg is a front end that does all the hard work for you. This way you can use FFmpeg without the knowledge of all the commands.What is new in this...

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