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Reframe 1.0

Reframe is a high-quality video standards converter that allows you to convert audio and video from one standard to another. With pre-defined settings, novice users can easily convert between PAL and NTSC video, SD and HD video, or film and video....


Tooble 2.8

It is available for anyone to use on both Mac and Windows computers. Concerts are long. Instead of streaming hours of video to your phone, download it with Tooble. Download videos to guide you during cooking. It's like having a cooking class in your...

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ReelNQ 1.95 (v32)

ReelNQ allows you to convert batches of videos automatically. Simply add movies by dragging and dropping them onto the queue table and then start the queue. ReelNQ will convert them one-by-one until the end of the queue is reached. Add more movies to the...