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Majestic Media Server, or MMS for short, is a Mac OS X UPNP AV Server for PS3, Xbox360 and other UPNP AV Clients. Download the free trial now and start sharing all your iLife content and any other media files. Majestic now supports transcoding to allow...

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FourEyes3D 1.201

Go live in 3D to any QuickLook application -or- to any QuickTime-enabled application that can play a movie. FourEyes3D takes two USB webcams and combines them into a single 3D (red/blue glasses) webcam.What is new in this release:Updated for Mountain Lion...


macVCR 2.9.0

macVCR allows you to record what happens on your computer screen to a Quicktime movie which you can then replay later at your leisure. macVCR doesn't require any form of installation, just double click the Icon and the program will launch. Specify...