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Jetty 9.3.6 updated

It can be easily customized to a particular application environment.Jetty supports out of the box technologies like AJP, SPDY, Web Sockets, OSGi, JMX, JNDI, JASPI and many others.Jetty has also been used in well known applications like Yahoo Hadoop, Yahoo...


nginx-conf 1.2.0 updated

nginx-conf allows developers to change the config files of local or remote nginx servers via simple JS calls. Besides basic changes, the module can handle other simple operations as well, including but not limited to backing up configs, logging,...


Froxlor updated

Written in PHP, Froxlor works on all POSIX-like systems and is an ideal tool if you're an Web hosting provider. Froxlor uses individual access levels to separate server owners from resellers and their customers. Each has access to a separate...

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Pinba 1.1.0

Pinba stands for "PHP Is Not A Bottleneck Anymore".Pinba uses MySQL to log performance related indicators for PHP servers and interpreted code.It can be used as a debug utility, or just for tracking server usage across one or more machines.Pinba is not a...


Prometheus 0.10.0

Prometheus is basically a server application which scrapes various sources for information and stores the results in a time-series format.The server includes its own muti-dimensional data model and query language to interrogate the collected data, along...


Feathers 1.3.0 updated

Feathers lets developers create REST APIs for their own services and platforms, an API server that works in real-time and for which you don't have to employ an expensive staff or rent complex server architectures. Feathers simplifies the process of...


pysolr 3.3.3 updated

It provides an basic interface that queries the server and returns results based on the entered query.Features:Basic operations such as selecting, updating & deleting. Index optimization. "More Like This" support (if setup in Solr). Spelling...

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hapi 9.3.1 updated

hapi started out as a toolkit for building RESTful API servers in Node.Since then it slowly evolved into a fully-blown framework for building general HTTP servers that run on top of Node.js.hapi will allow developers to control how Node.js deals with HTTP...


XCache 3.2.0

XCache works by caching the compiled state of the most used PHP scripts into the server RAM.This reduces page compilation times and speeds up page delivery.It also reduces memory and CPU usage by only dealing with serving pre-compiled data instead of...