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Ackee 1.0.0 updated

Ackee is a lightweight alternative to Google Analytics and Piwik, all large, bulky traffic analytics systems.It works the same way, requiring webmasters to add a tracking code to their sites and then sending details about each user that access its pages...


Ahoy 1.3.0 updated

Ahoy can be used to build statistics and tracking systems for your applications. This bare-bones library provides basic methods for attaching a logging action to a specific event. What this means is that whenever the user does X, Ahoy will record X and...

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BBClone 0.6.4 updated

BBClone logs visitor details and processes them into nice looking tables, charts, and datagrids. Webmasters can then use it to interpret a website's traffic details, adapting their site's content to their audience. BBClone is easy to install and...


Cacti 0.8.8c

Cacti is basically a PHP frontend for RRDTool.While RRDTool is used to record traffic and MRTG to plot out the graphs, Cacti a fast PHP&MySQL interface to organize, filter and navigate through all the data.Cacti provides a fast way to sip through the data...

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Franklin 0.7.3

What at first started as a small statistics dashboard that was used to determine a website's success when it came to SEO and various social metrics has now evolved into an agnostic tool that can present any type of publicly available statistics.Franklin...