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NetDumper 0.22

A simple network packet sniffer that dumps all packets to a file. Simple and plain without the overhead of any analyzer. Since it uses libPCAP it supports most expressions you are used from tcpdump.What is new in this release:fixed "could not find any...

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TCPAxcess 4.4.2

Allows your MacintoshA¨ computers to access an IBMA¨ AS/400A¨ through a TCP/IP network. Now any Mac on the network can connect to the AS/400 for terminal services and file transfer all through the familiar user interface common to all...

The Frontier menu integrates Alpha and Frontier so that you can easily open Frontier's text windows in Alpha. Whenever you save the window in Alpha the Frontier database is automatically updated. Frontier windows can either be opened using 'Edit with App'...

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