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Scribe 2.1.1 updated

Scribe is not like any other regular WYSIWYG editor. It's ugly, it has no default skin, and is not user friendly in any way.But if you take the time to style and add it to your projects, you can rest assured you have a solid text formatting solution for...


Dillinger 3.2.8 updated

Dillinger is not just a WYSIWYG rich text editor, it's a complete text editing solution that can run on the Web.It's setup is simple, coming with a writing panel on the left for Markdown syntax, and another panel on the right side where the text is...


CKEditor 4.5.9 / / 2.6.11 updated

CKEditor can be integrated into any Web site through JavaScript, AFP, ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Java, PHP, Python, as well as other languages. Tested and working with Internet Explorer 5.5+, Firefox 1.5+, Safari 3.0+, Opera 9.5+, Netscape 7.1+ and Camino...

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Quill 1.0.0 updated

Quill works just like any other rich text editor out there, high-jacking a normal form's textarea element and adding a text formatting toolbar on top. This lets users format the text using the controls on the toolbar, and then saving the content to HTML...


Decoda.js 1.3.1

Decoda.js is a port to JavaScript of the Decoda PHP text parsing and formatting library. The editor works practically the same way, but instead of parsing text on the server side it uses a toolbar appended to a text area to replace or insert special...


Morrigan 0.2-beta / 0.0.13

Morrigan is a tool that simplifies the process of entering large blocks of text inside a Web page.It works by taking a textarea and appending various text formatting controls to it using a toolbar-like format.These text editing controls can be used to...

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Dante Editor

Dante Editor 0.0.14 updated

Dante Editor, even if not the first clone of the Medium WYSIWYG editor, is actually the first that provides all of the originals formatting controls.This means you can actually embed media files inside your page with Dante, not just edit text like most of...


StackEdit 4.3.12 updated

StackEdit uses Markdown to style text and is widely based on the PageDown editor. Besides just editing local files, it is also integrated with various document cloud storage services, helping users boost productivity by skipping the act of downloading and...