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Version: 3.0b9 updated
Upload Date: 11 Feb 17
Developer: Dandre
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 29.95 $
Downloads: 4
Size: 28399 Kb

Rating: 0.0/5 (Total Votes: 0)

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ForkLift is a powerful file transfer solution. It allows you to transfer files using FTP, SFTP, FXP, WebDAV, Amazon S3 and even Bluetooth. Its dual pane view maximizes productivity, a Cocoa based interface with smart preview and spring-loaded folders lets you browse your local and remote folders and use Favorites just like in Finder. Use it to edit files or preview images stored in a remote folder, even within archives. ForkLift integrates a full featured batch rename tool, an application deleter and a small code called droplet, which enables you to create automated upload shortcuts for your most used remote folders, and place them anywhere in your file system.

What is new in this release:

  • I Fixes the localization issues introduced in Beta 8
  • Restores missing Window menu (and the ability to switch tabs using keyboard shortcuts)

What is new in version 3.0b6:

  • Adds Dropbox to the right-click contect menu (native app required)
  • Improves speed of local copy operations
  • Improves remote editing stability
  • Adds Share button to the toolbar
  • Adds Command-O keyboard shortcut to open
  • Preview panel now displays the outline selected item using keyboard selection
  • Adds option to open files when dragging them into a favorited app in sidebar
  • Adds error notification to remote edit if don’t have permission
  • Fixes a crash occured when ssh daemon process on the server was terminated
  • Fixes a crash caused by an imported Amazon S3 favorite
  • Fixes an issue that prevented connecting to an Windows server through FTP TLS protocol
  • Fixes an issue that prevented deselecting items when keyboard selection was turned on
  • Fixes an issue with keyboard selection when new folder didn’t get selected after naming it
  • Resolves a date modified sorting issue with items have exactly the same modification date
  • Fixes an issue that prevented changing file permissions of an item in search result
  • Fixes an issue that prevented deleting items from search result
  • Fixes an issue that prevented refreshing search result list after moving items
  • Fixes an issue with search by tags did not list items that have uncached tags
  • Fixes an issue that caused list flickering
  • Resolves an issue that caused regular and keyboard selections working in each pane at the same time
  • Fixes an issue in column view that prevented compressing a selected folder
  • Fixes an FTP connection issue on a local network device
  • Fixes an issue with type selection
  • Fixes an issue that prevented ignoring hidden files when deleting orphaned items whether hidden files option was unchecked
  • Fixes an issue in Multi Rename where case sensitivity checkbox has not been linked to RegEx occurrence
  • Fixes an issue where Tools was not setting the actual path to working directory
  • Fixes an issue with the play button in Activities
  • Fixes an issue with Show Devices menu when it didn’t appear sometimes
  • Fixes an issue with spaces in path in Tools
  • Fixes an output issue in Tools
  • Fixes a visual issue with auto-fit columns and Tags that caused displaying full filenames in column view
  • Resolves an issue that occured when copying or moving items from Downloads folder on Dock to ForkLift after the first attempt
  • Fixes an issue with ‘Open in New Tab’ context menu option where it did not work on a selected folder in column view
  • Fixes Use as Defaults button in View Options
  • Fixes an issue that prevented turning off ‘Resize columns to fit’ in View Options
  • Fixes an issue that caused extension field locked after unchecking the default checkbox at Preferences > Editing
  • Fixes an issue with Copy URL on Amazon S3
  • Fixes an issue with Quick Look on symlinks and aliases
  • Fixes an issue with Search caused messing up path bar when a folder was selected in Column View
  • Numerous small fixes and improvements

What is new in version 3.0b5:

  • Improves Dark Mode
  • Adds colored Tags to the right-click context menu
  • Adds unchecking item option in Sync Preview, click on the action’s icon in the middle column to exclude items from syncing
  • Adds device chooser, click on the icon in the path bar or use Control-D shortcut
  • Adds free space info to devices in the sidebar (View > Show/Hide Device Info)
  • Adds option to hide titlebar (View > Show/Hide Titlebar)
  • Adds Git integration (Commands > Source Control, Git toolbar button)
  • Adds ability to add files, applications, and smart folders to sidebar
  • Improves performance of Quick Open on first invocation
  • Adds trackpad zoom gestures to change icon size in Icon View
  • Improves type selection in Column View
  • Fixes an issue with archives with Chinese text encoding
  • Fixes an issue with Clone Pane menu option inside archives
  • Fixes a crash when prompting password for Amazon S3 and cancel is pressed
  • Fixes a crash with certain FTP server while listing
  • Fixes a crash with gz/tar archives
  • Fixes an issue with calculate folder size when keyboard selection is enabled
  • Fixes an issue with Commander backspace shortcut in Icon View
  • Resolves an issue with dragging items to Column View’s empty area on the right
  • Fixes an issue with a missing forward slash from copied URLs
  • Fixes a crash with drag and drop when keyboard selection is enabled
  • Fixes an issue when only one item was opened of multiple selected items
  • Fixes an issue with rename in Column View
  • Fixes an issue with favorites section in Shortcuts
  • Fixes a connection issue with Microsoft FTP in active mode
  • Fixes an issue when double clicking on List View’s header opened the selected items
  • Fixes an issue with importing favorite with unchecked passive mode from ForkLift 2
  • Numerous small fixes and improvements

What is new in version 3.0b3:

  • Fixes an FTP listing issue caused by localized dates
  • Adds an option to resize columns automatically
  • Fixes a caching issue when renaming an expanded group in list view
  • Resolves an issue that caused groups to be selected
  • Fixes an issue that prevented drag and dropping an item into an empty group in Favorite Manager
  • Fixes a issue with renaming folders in column view
  • Resolves an issue that prevented saving window’s dimensions
  • Fixes an issue that caused ForkLift to open a new window in dual pane mode while the single pane mode was set
  • Fixes a crash when choosing Reveal in ForkLift service from context menu while nothing was selected
  • Adds Sync Browsing button to the toolbar
  • Adds Rename button to the toolbar
  • Adds eject button to SD cards in the sidebar
  • Improves SMB stability
  • Fixes a folder creation and rename issue on AFP
  • Fixes an issue with Open in ForkLift menu option in ForkLift Mini
  • Fixes a toolbar button width problem
  • Fixes a crash when you left Master Password field blank during sync setup
  • Adds Home, Documents, Desktop and other standard folders to Go menu
  • Fixes a rename issue with Cyrillic characters
  • Fixes a NAS connecting issue through WebDAV HTTPS protocol
  • Fixes an issue that prevented ForkLift to launch in full screen mode
  • Adds dark mode to Inspector panel
  • Fixes an issue that caused ForkLift stuck after timeout on SFTP
  • Fixes a group order issue with date related groups
  • Fixes a sorting order issue in list view
  • Fixes a typo in Preferences > Shortcuts
  • Adds double-click editing on remote volumes if there’s an app set to default at Preferences > Editing
  • Adds option in Preferences > General to change archive handling
  • Resolves an issue caused adding a tag when Tags popover has been discarded by pressing Esc
  • Fixes a shortcut saving issue
  • Fixes a crash happened when ForkLift window has been closed while an archive were opened
  • Fixes an issue that prevented going to the enclosing folder inside an archive
  • Resolves an issue with launching Kaleiodoscope command line tool with compare feature
  • Improves enabled Show Hidden toolbar button visibility
  • Fixes an issue with filenames with space in Terminal
  • Fixes a size calculation issue of multiple selected items in Get Info
  • Adds Open in New Tab function to Command double-click
  • Fixes Open with… context menu issue on folders
  • Adds Apply to options to Permissions in Get Info
  • Brings back the duplication of current tab when creating a new one
  • Fixes an issue with opening system volume from /Volumes

What is new in version 3.0b1:

  • Fixes the issue that caused ForkLift to hang on startup on El Capitan
  • Numerous other fixes and improvements

What is new in version 2.6.5:

  • Fixes the issue that caused slow user interface responses
  • Fixes the issues with folder size calculation

What is new in version 2.6.4:

  • Fixes an issue that caused slow loading of directories that contain symlinks to remote servers

What is new in version 2.6.2:

  • Yosemite compatibility fixes and improvements

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