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Tera Term
Software Details:
Version: 4.98 updated
Upload Date: 7 Mar 18
Developer: TeraTerm Project
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 5814
Size: 13847 Kb

Rating: 2.9/5 (Total Votes: 24)

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Tera Term (rarely TeraTerm) is an open-source, free, software implemented, terminal emulator (communications) program. It emulates different types of computer terminals, from DEC VT100 to DEC VT382. It supports telnet, SSH 1 & 2 and serial port connections. It also has a built-in macro scripting language and a few other useful plugins.

What is new in this release:

Bug fixes:

  • The operability at screen edge is improved when mouse tracking is enabled.


  • upgraded TTSSH to 2.84.
  • upgraded Oniguruma to 6.7.1.

What is new in version 4.97:

  • The response of DA2 request is changed.
  • On telnet connection, the terminal speed is notified to the server.
  • added configuration of timestamp type at the start of log file's line
  • Fix the problem of the log option settings on the Log tab of Additional settings dialog
  • upgraded TTSSH to 2.83.
  • upgraded TeraTerm Menu to 1.15
  • upgraded Oniguruma to 6.6.1.
  • When the [View Log] on the [File] is called, the editor does not invoked.
  • On telnet connection, the terminal size is not notified correctly if terminal width or height is 255.
  • The response of DECRQSS control sequence was invalid.

What is new in version 4.96:

  • Added support for the configuring of the permitted ISO/IEC 2022 shift functions. Added the ISO2022ShiftFunction entry in the teraterm.ini file. The default is on.
  • Added configuration of timestamp format at the start of log file's line.
  • UTC can be used at timestamp format at the start of log file's line. Added the LogTimestampUTC entry in the teraterm.ini file. The default is off.
  • Hidden font set by OS can be selected with font setting dialog. The setting can be configured on the General tab of Additional settings dialog.
  • When the serial port and named pipe can not be opened, the error message contains reason or error code.
  • When the sendlnbroadcast macro command is used, the carriage return is sent one more time after last parameter.
  • added the sendlnmulticast command.
  • upgraded TTSSH to 2.82.
  • upgraded Oniguruma to 6.6.0.

Bug fixes:

  • The response of DECLRMM status query by DECRQM was invalid.
  • PrnConvFF can not be loaded from TERATERM.INI file.
  • sendbroadcast and sendlnbroadcast macro command does not work.
  • sendbroadcast, sendlnbroadcast and sendmulticast macro command can't send the character of 0x00 or 0x01.

What is new in version 4.95:

  • Added new feature regarding How to scroll the screen when the window size is maximized.
  • Added the notification feature regarding clipboard accessing from the remote host. (Windows Me or 2000 or later)
  • Changed default directory path for receiving a file (Vista or later:Downloads, XP or earlier:My Documents).
  • Renamed command line from /NAMEDPIPE to /PIPE option.

When /PIPE option is used as command line, the host name is complemented by these rules:

  • If the host name begins with a '', the name is not changed.
  • If the host name does not include a '', the '.pipe' is added at the beginning.
  • If the host name includes a '' anywhere but first, before that is treated as server name and after that is treated as pipe name.

Bug fixes:

  • The port number cannot specify 65535 by the command line option.
  • When the New connection selects Serial menu, a part of TCP/IP menu is not disabled.


  • Upgraded TTSSH to 2.81.
  • Upgraded Oniguruma to 6.2.0.
  • NOTICE: The installer no longer support Windows 95, 98, Me and NT 4.0. Please use the zip archive version on these Windows.

What is new in version 4.94:

  • Added &u' parameter to log file name that can convert the logon user name.
  • Added new line normalization on pasting. The default is off. This feature can be enabled on Copy and Paste tab of Additional settings dialog.
  • Added the setflowctrl command.
  • Upgraded TTSSH to 2.80
  • Upgraded TTXttyrec Plug-in to 1.03
  • Upgraded Oniguruma to 6.1.3.
  • Upgraded SFMT to 1.5.
  • Changed starting method of LogMeTT and TTLEditor installer.

Bug fixes:

  • When Restore setup is called, the AlphaBlend can not be restored immediately.
  • When Paste<CR> works, the end of data will be added invalid character.
  • When Kanji(receive) is set to UTF-8, garbled characters will be shown after invalid byte characters are received.

What is new in version 4.93:

  • Added 48dot icon in the keycode.exe.

Bug fixes:

  • After Kanji(receive) is set to EUC and UTF-8 string is shown, new Kanji(Chinese character) may be properly shown when Kanji(receive) is set to UTF-8.
  • When Kanji(receive) is set to UTF-8, ISO-2022-JP Kanji can not be properly shown with Japanese language setting.
  • When DeferredLogWriteMode=on is enabled and a log file is closed soon after opening the file, Tera Term rarely halts by dead-lock.
  • When Log dialog is closed, the memory leak of Tera Term core(ttermpro.exe) is happened.
  • Windows 7 and Vista: When special operation is done on General setup dialog, an application fault occurs.
  • When the real time mode is off by using broadcast command, invalid character will be added at the end of string.
  • MACRO: When closesbox command is executed, the memory leak of Macro core(ttpmacro.exe) is happened.
  • MACRO: The gethostname, gettitle, getmodemstatus, loginfo and logopen command will rarely be wrong.
  • upgraded TTSSH to 2.79
  • upgraded CygTerm+ to 1.07_29
  • upgraded TTProxy to
  • upgraded TeraTerm Menu to 1.14
  • upgraded TTX KanjiMenu Plug-in to 0.1.7
  • upgraded TTXRecurringCommand Plug-in to 1.05
  • upgraded Oniguruma to 6.1.2.

What is new in version 4.92:

  • Added new feature which removes carriage return from end of line with pasting. The default value is off.
  • When scroll back is used, scroll state is always reseted with user input.
  • ZMODEM: The default escaped character are added LF and GS by sending.
  • The default value of MaxComPort setting is increased from 4 to 256.
  • changed macro command line behavior.
  • MACRO: The params' string-typed array that is stored command line parameter(s).

Bug fixes:

  • Upgraded TTSSH to 2.78
  • Upgraded TTProxy to
  • When the clipboard is read from remote host, unnecessary NUL character is added at the end of the string.
  • When the clipboard is written from remote host, empty string can not be set.
  • When the clipboard is empty string and Bracketed Paste Mode is enabled, final Bracket is only sent by pasting.
  • ZMODEM: The escaped 0x7f and 0xff that is included in ZMODEM header packet can not be restored.
  • Tera Term(ttermpro.exe) can not run on Windows 95/98/Me/NT4.0.
  • MACRO: When invalid regular expression is specified at the strreplace command, source string is corrupted.

What is new in version 4.91:

  • Tera Term waits for port connection when the serial port does not exist.
  • Added the WaitCom entry in the teraterm.ini file. The default value is off.
  • Added the /WAITCOM command line option.
  • When ZmodemAuto=on is enabled and ZRINIT packet is received, the file selection dialog of ZMODEM sending is opened.
  • Updated to new Tera Term icon file(teraterm.ico, vt.ico) and macro icon file(ttmacro.ico). Special thanks to Tatsu Sakamoto.
  • MACRO: When if has macro command without parameter, syntax error occurs.
  • Upgraded TTSSH to 2.77
  • When Log Rotate is enabled and an existing file is logged, first file can not be rotated by specified size.
  • When AutoComPortReconnect=on is enabled, Tera Term can not recognize a part of device regarding USB serial port connection and disconnection.
  • The background color erase(BCE) does not work with DECFI, DECBI control sequence.

What is new in version 4.90:

  • TChanged XMODEM options
  • Cancel from remote host at XMODEM transmitter becomes as trasnfer failure.
  • When remote host sends 1K packet against Checksum at XMODEM receiving, Tera Term receives data as Checksum/1K.
  • When remote host sends NAK at XMODEM CRC sending, Tera Term sends data as Checksum.
  • Added configuration for XMODEM, YMODEM and ZMODEM timeout value.
  • XMODEM: Send and Receive dialog's option can not be affected each other.
  • MACRO: When if does not have statement, macro error always occurs.
  • Upgraded TTSSH to 2.76
  • Upgraded CygTerm+ to 1.07_28

Bug fixes:

  • BCE information does not be updated at OSC 4/11/104/111 control string.
  • XMODEM: When CRC sends, Checksum may send half way incorrectly.
  • Eterm look-feel: When invalid image file is specified as background, an application fault occurs.
  • The return value of random macro command is the deviation of the pseudo random number.
  • When invalid folder type is specified on the getspecialfolder macro command, the desktop folder is returned by mistake.
  • MACRO: When getipv6addr command is called on Windows 2000, an application _ttpmacro.exe_ fault occurs.

What is new in version 4.89:

  • The parameter check of the control sequence can be reinforced.
  • added support for querying the status of DECSLRM and DECSCUSR by using the DECRQSS control sequence.
  • When the baud rate is high speed on the serial connection, the file transfer can be accelerated.
  • Eterm look-feel: added the Image Brightness configuration.
  • added the Virtual Store path to Setup directory.
  • The cygterm.cfg is not saved on dialog closing but is saved on the Save setup when the CygTerm configuration of the Addtional settings is used.
  • The command line option can be quoted from an offset when the '"' is used.
  • When the click-able URL is not double-clicked but single-clicked on the version dialog, the browser can be launched.
  • MACRO: added new parameter which can specify an index of selected item at the listbox macro command.

What is new in version 4.88:

  • When color palette is changed and then inquired with OSC 4, palette numbers (256, 258, 259) are treated as the highlight, blinking and reverse attribute colors.
  • When color is inquired with OSC 4, OSC 10, etc., the terminal character is matched to the requested character.
  • All color attributes are reset to initial values with OSC 105 ST.
  • Added button to open configuration file in Setup directory.
  • MACRO: A dialog box of filenamebox and dirnamebox commands will show on top of all the other windows.
  • Added support for Microsoft Windows 10.

What is new in version 4.87:

  • Added the Setup directory under the Setup menu.
  • MACRO: A macro file described in UTF-8 BOM can not report a syntax error.
  • MACRO: A numerical value can be specified at the filewrite, filewriteln macro command.
  • The keyboard(CNF) configuration will be reset when a new connection is created.
  • Upgraded TTSSH to 2.73.
  • Upgraded TTProxy to
  • Upgraded TeraTerm Menu to 1.13.
  • Upgraded LogMeTT to 2.10.3.
  • Changed the domain name from SourceForge.jp to OSDN.

What is new in version 4.86:

  • When the Terminal on the Control is called, the color setup with OSC 10/11 will be reset.
  • YMODEM: The block0 packet size meaning end of transfer is 128 byte at all time. Special thanks to mlukoshkov.
  • YMODEM: The packet of file information is not fixed size but variable size (128 or 1024byte).
  • added the dirnamebox command.
  • added the getmodemstatus command.

What is new in version 4.85:

  • Changes
    • added support for the pause time while the break signal is sending to the serial port.
    • added the SendBreakTime entry in the teraterm.ini file.
    • The Alt+D and Alt+I accelerator key can only be worked on the VT window.
    • added new optional setting that can disable accelerator key of New Connection.
    • added AcceleratorNewConnection entry to teraterm.ini.
    • added new optional setting that can disable accelerator key of Cygwin connection.
    • added AcceleratorCygwinConnection entry to teraterm.ini.
    • added the 3rd argument to specify the initial directory at the filenamebox macro command.
    • added the 4th argument to open a text file for reading at the fileopen macro command
  • Bug fixes
    • The language file will not be shown in the General setup.
    • When the connect macro command is failed, the command will be failed again.
    • The floating point number can not be specified in the sprintf, sprintf2 macro command.
    • The character width and precision specifying of the format style can not use the * character in the sprintf, sprintf2 macro command.
  • Misc
    • upgraded TTSSH to 2.71
    • added the Traditional Chinese.lng language file. Special thanks to Wei Yan.
    • added support for 64bit Cygwin connection automatically.
    • removed the 64bit cyglaunch.exe program.

What is new in version 4.84:

  • Changes
    • When a file is received by using YMODEM or ZMODEM protocol, the file timestamp is updated.
    • added the log type configuration on the Log tab of the Additional settings dialog.
  • Bug fixes
    • When the LanguageUI is changed on the General setup dialog, the help file can not be switched.
    • MACRO: The last line number can not display on the macro execution dialog.
  • Misc
    • added support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2.
    • upgraded TTSSH to 2.70
    • upgraded TeraTerm Menu to 1.12
    • upgraded TTXResizeMenu Plugin to 1.03
    • upgraded LogMeTT to 2.10.2



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