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Version: 8.7.1 updated
Upload Date: 18 Jan 18
Developer: Dekorra Optics
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 95.00 $
Downloads: 21
Size: 69214 Kb

Rating: 2.0/5 (Total Votes: 3)

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EazyDraw is a vector based drawing application for technical drawing, illustrations, and desk top publishing (DTP) with Apple's Macintosh OS X (Mac OS-X) operating system. It is an Illustration or drawing software application that offers vector-based graphics editing and creation capabilities for creating simple, non-photographic drawings, technical diagrams and illustrations such as logos, icons, buttons and stylized art.

What is new in this release:

Full support for the Apple's new Touch Bar. Improvements and stability corrections related to the Touch Bar.
Fixed Spelling panel on macOS Sierra. We now have a patch to fix the macOS Sierra problem with auto layout and sizing of the spelling panel. The EazyDraw spelling panel is now fully supported on macOS Sierra.

What is new in version 8.5.1:

Support for Touch Bar on new MacBook Pros (13 and 15 inch). Full support for the Touch Bar. Applies to users who have MacBookPro late 2016 model with the Touch Bar. The Touch Bar tools are contextual, the presented tools depends on the front drawing window and what is selected in that drawing window. We have tried not to duplicate the functionality of the Attributes Bar, instead we have tried to provide useful additional tool functionality. Per Apple Guidelines the Touch Bar augments and does not replace the common keyboard short-cuts. This means you can watch the Touch Bar for newly available short cuts and productivity enhancing capability.

What is new in version 8.3:

Major El Capitan follow-on release. Rock-Solid on El Capitan.

What is new in version 8.1:

The user interface graphics have been further refined for full integration with El Capitans look and feel and for crisp bright appearance on 5 k displays.

What is new in version 7.5.1:

El Capitan Preliminary Support.
Character Builder - on Library menu.
Fixes and minor improvements.

What is new in version 7.3.0:

- Yosemite Stable Release.
- New Repeat Feature.
- Drop-Box Autosave Fix.

What is new in version 7.1.1:

Code Signing update. Version 7.1.0 developer credentials were not accepted by Yosemite (version 2) GateKeeper on some machines. In early 2014 Apple changed the status for the EazyDraw development team from individual developer to corporate developer. The impact of this status change is the likely cause of the issue. EazyDraw is now code signed with version 2 corporate (DEKORRA OPTICS LLC) credentials. It should now be possible to use App Store and Verified Developers for Security and Privacy setting. We apologize for any inconvenience, internal and beta testing did not reveal the issue. Corrected possible problems with Copy from, and Drag and Drop from EazyDraw. In many cases Text and Annotation was not included in the exported content. For example a copy from EazyDraw to Pages using PDF as the number one Copy Format (the factory default) would not include text. This is now fixed. Corrected cosmetic problem on Layers inspector. The checkboxes on the layers table were "jumpy" and would sometimes draw large-bloomed and would jump between a normal display and the bloomed look. This was seen on some systems, mostly older machines, and was not seen on Retina displays. This would trigger when scrolling the table, especially with small scrolls as happen with a magic mouse. This seems to be a basic issue in Yosemite, related to scroll views and their animation. EazyDraw now has a patch and intercepts the drawing of these specific buttons. Now they still will jump one or two pixels on non-retina displays, as the table is scrolled, but they always draw the correct size and display a very crisp vector icon. As a side benefit they are more effulgent on the Retina than the Yosemite button icon. Corrected problem viewing User Library elements. Very small features were sometimes not shown in the preview image. Corrected issue with Export FAVICO, and Window Icons (ICO). The selection for Full Drawing area is now disabled as this is a non-logical selection. The sizes of the various icon formats are defined by the export specification. If the export selection was Visible Graphics, this was taken literally and all visible graphics were included. This is not correct logic if the choice for Export Content is Selected Graphics. This is now fixed, a selection for Selected Graphics is now honored. If the Export Source is One Layer then Selected Graphics would not be logical and it (along with Full Drawing Area) is disabled and not allowed. The Help pages define this rather complicated (Windows construction) logic, probably the most helpful documentation is the export panels tool-tips. So be certain to review the tool-tips. The intended method of use is Visible Graphics, with Source set to One Layer and a defined layer for each individual icon - and a bounds defining invisible rectangle to set the source graphics size. Review the example FAVICO in the Additions Pack. It was possible to have extraneous entries in the User Tools menu. Hidden unix files, starting with "dot-period" would appear in the menu. Primarily the ".DS_Store" entry could appear, if a user made direct changes to the corresponding Application Support folder (a hidden folder). This is now blocked and these files if they should exist will not appear in the User Tools menu. Fixed problem exporting BMP, for Just Graphics setting. This was actually drawing a different portion of the total drawing, often a blank area. This is now exporting correctly.

What is new in version 7.1.0:

Preferences UI Theme now has a built in theme for Yosemite and Mavericks. If you have not customized, EazyDraw will choose automatically based on the operating system version. Mavericks is the same ui theme as Factory for EazyDraw 6. Yosemite has newer colors, several new coordinated colors with various Toolbar and Attributes Bar button colors. The Yosemite theme really shines on a Retina display.

New feature for the Combine -> Filet command. It is now possible to create a circle of defined radius tangent to two intersecting lines. Use the check box on the Fillet specification panel (Tools main menu -> Combine submenu) to create circles in this fashion.

Dropped support for Keynote export file format. Apple no longer supports a published open file format for Keynote. The format has actually not been in use for about 10 years. PDF replaces the old format and provides much broader more stable exchange of graphics between Keynote and EazyDraw.

Corrected problem on Paragraph palette (Format -> Text -> Paragraph -> Form). The Padding setting always shown in units of Points, not in the actual palette Fine Scale units. This became confusing when Fine Scale units were something other than Points, then it would seem the values jump by large amounts. This is now fixed - Padding is entered and shown in units of the Palette (inches, mm, or Points).

Corrected rare problem with imported images, images that have Metadata associated with the image and that have dots per inch at other than 72 DPI. In some cases these images would change position when the drawing was closed and re-opened. The images would move and remain as placed while editing the drawing but would revert to their initial position when the drawing was closed the re-opened. This is now fixed.

Fixed problem with the Grid Reference menus. There was an interaction between the ones found on the Hatch palette and the selections presented on the Grid Reference palette. This was a small problem with possibly missing options on the popup menu. All is correct now.

Added compatibility for printing from the Finder for the newest versions of OS X. This includes printing a drawing without opening EazyDraw, or printing a drawing from the Finder without opening the drawing while EazyDraw is open (but the target drawing is not open and displayed in a drawing window). This now all works properly with Mavericks and Yosemite.


30 graphics, printing allowed -no watermark



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