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Default Folder X
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Version: 5.1.7 updated
Upload Date: 22 Oct 17
Developer: St. Clair Software
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 34.95 $
Downloads: 12
Size: 6585 Kb

Rating: 3.0/5 (Total Votes: 1)

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Default Folder X attaches a toolbar to your Open and Save dialogs in any OS X-native application. The toolbar gives you fast access to various folders and commands. You just click on the buttons to go to your favorite and recently used folders, manage the folders and files shown in the list, and make changes to your settings. Default Folder also adds the ability to see zoomable previews in Open dialogs and to save Spotlight comments and OpenMeta tags for documents in the Save As dialog, while you're saving them.

What is new in this release:

  • Compatible with High Sierra (macOS 10.13).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Default Folder X to hang for up to a minute when switching folders in a Save sheet.
  • Corrected an intermittent problem where Default Folder X couldn't determine which folder was showing in a file dialog in High Sierra.
  • Removed the compatibility warning for Tencent's QQ app if you're running QQ version 6.1 or higher, since that version fixes the conflict between it and Default Folder X.
  • The purchase reminder alert will no longer pop up while you're trying to enter your license information.
  • Corrected a bug that could cause Default Folder X to crash when moving an item to the Trash.
  • Fixed a crash in Default Folder X's window drawing code.

What is new in version 5.1.6b2:

  • This version supports the developer release of macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
  • You can now enter relative paths for Favorites. If you use a consistent structure for organizing projects, it can be very helpful to set a favorite such as "../images/" to go to an adjacent "images" folder and be able to use the same favorite in multiple locations. To enter a relative favorite, choose "Add Path or URL" after clicking the '+' icon in Default Folder X > Preferences > Folders > Favorites.
  • Fixed a problem with Default Folder X getting confused in certain situations when you clicked on an alias in column view.
  • Fixed a bug that caused unsaved comments or tags to disappear if you switched from a Save dialog to another application and then back to the Save dialog.
  • Switching folders using Default Folder X's menus now works consistently in file dialogs brought up when changing preferences.
  • Added an API that allows software developers to disable Default Folder X for special file dialogs in their Mac applications.
  • Eliminated flashing in the user interface when you click on a disclosure triangle in a Save dialog.
  • Corrected improper scaling of preview images that could occur in some circumstances.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking on the sidebar in file dialogs.
  • Worked around a crash resulting from the macOS Accessibility API failing.
  • Several memory leaks and potential crashes have been eliminated.
  • Updated Default Folder X's icon.

What is new in version 5.1.5:

  • Default Folder X now recognizes Save As dialogs when they're in 'minimized' mode. Because it can't provide its full functionality in that state, it provides a button to maximize the dialog so you can take advantage of its full feature set.
  • Eliminated a bug that could cause Default Folder X to unexpectedly quit.
  • Corrected a problem that could cause the Save button to stop working in some Save As dialogs.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Default Folder X to function incorrectly if you clicked the app's icon in the Dock while it was displaying a file dialog. This affected Office 2011 and older Adobe Creative Suite apps, among others.
  • Corrected a problem with Default Folder X not working correctly when its toolbar overlapped the Dock.
  • Default Folder X's toolbar no longer disappears when using a shortcut containing the Control+Option modifier keys.
  • Fixed a bug that caused shortcuts containing the Shift key to display incorrectly in Default Folder X's menus.
  • Remedied problems with shortcuts not working when the Caps Lock key was on.
  • Corrected some visual glitches that occurred with Default Folder X's 'minimal toolbar' appearance.
  • Improved switching between Spaces while a file dialog is open.
  • Eliminated several memory leaks.

What is new in version 5.1.4:

  • The Favorites menu in file dialogs now includes commands to remove or edit the current default folder.
  • If you set tags using the standard macOS tag field at the top of a Save dialog, Default Folder X will copy the tags to its tag field below the Save dialog.
  • Corrected a problem that could cause Default Folder X to hang at certain times, especially when App Tamer stopped an application in the background.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Default Folder X to leak memory or behave oddly when you opened a file dialog and then very quickly closed it.
  • Corrected a bug that caused Default Folder X to stop functioning when selecting a new original for an alias in the Finder.
  • Worked around a bug in Spotlight that could cause Default Folder X to crash.
  • Made Default Folder X's folder switching in file dialogs more reliable.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause spurious crashes.
  • Updated the icons in Default Folder X's menubar menu.
  • Default Folder X will no longer be included in VoiceOver keyboard traversal because it makes it difficult to navigate the controls in file dialogs.

What is new in version 5.1.3:

  • Improved the tracking of recent files in Microsoft Office 2011 and other older applications.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you dismissed a file dialog immediately after it opened.

What is new in version 5.1.1:

Feature enhancements:

  • New Move, Copy and Make Alias commands let you reorganize your files from within Open and Save dialogs.
  • You can change a file's creation and modification dates by clicking on them in the Info panel below Open dialogs.
  • Selecting an item from one of Default Folder X's menus while holding the Command key will reveal it in the Finder.
  • Default Folder X can create folders in your Library folder for Favorites, Recent Folders and Recent Files. They contain aliases to the folders and files shown in Default Folder X's menus, and can be used as a way to access Default Folder X's data from other applications. You can turn this on in the Options tab of your Default Folder X preferences.
  • You can now set keyboard shortcuts to switch between folder sets.

Bug fixes:

  • Corrected several bugs that could result in Default Folder X mysteriously disappearing from the menubar.
  • Fixed reliability issues when changing between folders while the system is busy.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in tags and comments not being applied when setting them in a Save dialog.
  • Eliminated a hang that occurred when you had two Finder windows open, both showing the same folder, and tried to use a keyboard shortcut to go to the folder shown in the next Finder window.
  • When switching to iCloud in Default Folder X's Computer menu, you're now taken to the iCloud Drive folder rather than the root iCloud folder.
  • Corrected a bug that caused the Drag Zone to show duplicate copies of items and could also make those items impossible to remove.
  • Changing the "Locked" checkbox in the Info panel will no longer prevent you from unlocking a file or folder later.
  • After trashing a file or folder, the file listing in the file dialog will update immediately to show the change.
  • Eliminated crashes caused by Default Folder X's helper services failing to run.
  • Fixed a problem with Default Folder X warning you multiple times when you remove its menu from the menubar.
  • Corrected problems displaying the names of folders that contained a single quotation mark.
  • Fixed a problem with file dialogs flickering when dismissing a modal alert.
  • The Folder Sets menu no longer gets confused when you delete a folder set.
  • Added a way to save debug logs so we can bypass Sierra's terrible Console logs.

Compatibility fixes:

  • Default Folder X's controls will no longer overlap Keyboard Maestro windows that pop up while a file dialog is showing.
  • Corrected a problem where Default Folder X wouldn't remove its controls when a popup menu popped up.
  • Worked around a bug in Sierra that would cause sheet-style file dialogs to be the wrong size if Default Folder X was used to save and restore their sizes.
  • Eliminated a conflict with DwellClick.
  • Added support for PDF Studio.

What is new in version 5.0b9:

  • Switch to Notification Center to less obtrusively and more reliably post update notifications.
  • Added an option to turn on and off fully automated updates.
  • What is new in version 4.7.4:

    • The latest version of TypeIt4Me is now supported.
    • If you're running El Capitan and System Integrity Protection is turned on, Default Folder X will put up a warning that you have to either turn off SIP or upgrade to version 5 before it can enhance Open and Save dialogs. Version 5 is still under development but should be available soon. Anyone purchasing now will receive the version 5 upgrade for free.
    • Fixed alias file resolution so that Default Folder X gives up when it encounters a corrupted alias instead of repeatedly trying to resolve it.
    • Fixed a bug in the Rename feature that could remove the filename extension from a file if its extension was hidden.

    What is new in version 4.7.3:

    • Fixed problems when running under beta versions of El Capitan. Note that to run this version of Default Folder X under El Capitan, you must disable System Integrity Protection. A new version of DFX that's fully compatible with El Capitan is in the works.
    • Fixed a bug that resulted in Default Folder X refusing to let Carbon apps specify the starting folder for a file dialog.
    • Corrected rebound code so that Default Folder X won't mistakenly select a folder when the previously selected file is no longer there.
    • Default Folder X used to prevent applications from defaulting to the iCloud folder because OS X forced all iCloud-enabled apps to start there and few people actually wanted that to happen. Yosemite no longer does this, so Default Folder X now treats iCloud Drive like any other folder.
    • Fixed a bug that resulted in the iCloud menu item in the Disks menu having the wrong keyboard shortcut (command-shift-A instead of command-shift-I).
    • Updated for compatibility with Strata Design 3D CX 8.

    What is new in version 4.7.2:

    • Corrected a problem that could cause Default Folder X to hang while building its menus if it encounters a corrupted alias file in a favorite or recent folder.
    • Fixed Yosemite file dialogs that get larger and larger when they are invoked by clicking a button in a modal dialog. This affects Photoshop and Illustrator when running in Yosemite 10.10.3.
    • Fixed a graphical glitch in the drawing of Default Folder X's bezel when certain file dialogs were presented as sheets.
    • Eliminated a problem that could cause the Save button to stop functioning after renaming a file in a Save As dialog.
    • Default Folder X's Get Info function now works correctly in French, German, Japanese and Danish.
    • Corrected a bug that resulted in the Purchase item being included in Default Folder X's menus even if you'd already purchased a license and entered your registration code.
    • If you change favorite or default folders in System Preferences, those changes now take effect immediately rather than when you close the Default Folder X preference pane.
    • If you open an item within a document package, Default Folder X will not add that item's enclosing folder to its Recent Folders menu. If you want Default Folder X to add those folders, Option-click on the Settings button and turn on the "AddRecentFoldersWithinPackages" checkbox.
    • Default Folder X will not try to enhance Flash Player when running on Lion because sandboxing restrictions prevent it from doing so.

    What is new in version 4.7.1:

    • Fixed a bug in Mac OS 10.10.3 that causes Carbon applications (including Microsoft Word and Excel) to always default to your Documents folder.
    • Corrected a crash that could occur when Default Folder X encountered an alias file that incorrectly referred to itself.
    • Enabled resizing of the filename edit box in Save dialogs on Mavericks as well as Yosemite.
    • Folders within DEVONthink databases will no longer appear in your Recent Folders menu.
    • Fixed a problem that could result in the filename field in Save dialogs not updating correctly.
    • Improved Finder window monitoring so that Default Folder X doesn't lose track of the Finder's windows when the Finder is hidden automatically by other utility software. If the problem persists on your machine, Option-click on the Settings button in Default Folder X and turn on the ShowHiddenFinderWindows checkbox.
    • Added Command-Delete handling to Save dialogs as well as Open dialogs.

    What is new in version 4.7:

    • The filename edit field in Save dialogs is now resized to be as wide as possible, letting you see and edit long filenames without scrolling.
    • Default Folder X will intercept Command-Delete in file dialogs to invoke its "Move to Trash" command instead of the built-in OS X behavior. This results in Default Folder X showing a warning before items are moved to the Trash, rather than trashing files and folders without confirmation, as OS X does by default.
    • Fixed a problem that could cause long delays in Default Folder X when some disks or network volumes were unavailable.
    • On Mac OS 10.10.3 and higher, Default Folder X will no longer try to fix the ever-growing-save-dialog bug (because Apple has finally fixed it).
    • Corrected a bug that resulted in Finder comments being duplicated when they're saved.
    • Fixed "Go to folder in Terminal" so that it works correctly when a folder's name contains non-roman characters.
    • In its Rename dialog, Default Folder X will no longer try to find a filename's extension when the extension is hidden.
    • Default Folder X will recognize downloaded license files so that it can be registered when an internet connection is unavailable.
    • Fixed the incorrect identification of folders on iCloud Drive.

    What is new in version 4.6.14:

    • Corrected several issues with the Rebound feature so that it works consistently in sandboxed applications.
    • Fixed a problem with some applications overwriting or removing tags from files after Default Folder X sets them.
    • Worked around a problem that could cause crashes in ArchiCAD, Mathematica and audio applications like Cubase 8 that use VST plugins.
    • Fixed the selection of files so it works consistently when they're chosen from Default Folder X's menubar menu while a file dialog is open.
    • Correctly honor the "reduce transparency" option when running in Dark Mode on Yosemite.
    • Resolved a problem with Default Folder X occasionally failing to contact our server to verify your registration.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause Default Folder X to crash in certain uncommon circumstances.
    • Updated the "Send to Default Folder" script in the Extras folder to work with the latest version of QuickSilver.
    • Added an option to resize the icons in Icon View when you resize a file dialog. Option-click on the Settings button in the Default Folder X preference pane, then turn on the "ResizeIconViewIcons" checkbox.

    What is new in version 4.6.13:

    Corrects issues with Mac OS 10.8.5, Glyphs for Mac and Default Folder X's Get Info feature.

    What is new in version 4.6.12:

    • Fixed a problem that could cause Carbon applications to crash on some machines running Yosemite. This included Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office applications, among others.
    • Resolved an issue with BusyCal and BusyContact that could make initial setup more difficult in those applications.


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