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Midi Player
Software Details:
Version: 5.2 updated
Upload Date: 19 Jan 18
Developer: Falcosoft
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 767
Size: 11352 Kb

Rating: 4.8/5 (Total Votes: 12)

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SoundFont Midi Player is a powerful midi player and real time midi synth combo, specially useful for Soundblaster (Live,Audigy, X-fi) users, who can load soundfonts automatically and real time. From version 2.0 Bassmidi output mode enables this feature to anyone. Features:

Fully configurable Midi in and out ports. Real time program and bank modification on any midi channel. Real Time effects on any midi channel. Mute and solo on any channels. Variable Tempo and Pitch during playback. Real time Synth (F1-F8 Function keys for octave change, Right click for note name). Send Sysex for Synth (GM, GS, XG). Midi send and receive over Net. Karaoke midi files support. Bassmidi output mode. Spectrum Analyzer. Module files (mod, xm, s3m, it) playback support via realtime converting. Record to wave capability. Real time soundfont loading from playlist. Scale effect settings (transpose notes to different scales).

What is new in this release:

Version 5.2:

  • 1. Added minimize to tray option. It can be especially useful when using emulators in fullscreen mode and changing presets remotely.
  • 2. Added 'folder.sf2' support (folder wide real time loaded soundfont). Bank postfix can be used the same way as in case of midi + sf2 pairs.
  • 3. Added SimpleGain VST 1.2 with Balance and Reverse Stereo options.
  • 4. Optimized handling and loading time of big Zip/Miz and Xmi files.
  • 5. The priority of the built-in Equalizer has been set to 5 to provide greater flexibility.
  • 6. Fixed Use Bank LSB value saving problem in Config Dialog.
  • 7. Fixed Reverb/Chorus effect level settings not working for GS devices (SC-VA included) if type is set to 'Default'.
  • 8. Fixed AV error at startup when 'Always on Top' is set and FSMP is closed in this state.
  • 9. Fixed bad display color for 'Loop detected' label if font color is changed in Appearance menu.
  • 10.Other minor fixes and enhancements.

What is new in version 4.9:

Version 4.9:

  • 1. Added configuration preset loading from command line.
  • 2. Added - minimized command line option. It can be useful when the player is used as a background midi router. Start /min in batch files also supported.
  • 3. Added Winamp invented *.miz file support (zip compressed single midi file).
  • 4. Added support for .zip files. Supported media files from the archive are extracted and added to playlist.
  • 5. Added recursive file enumeration for drag&dropped folders and zip files.
  • 6. Added limited support for rare dual port/32 channel midi files. These files only work in bassmidi output mode with soundfonts.
  • 7. Opened/closed state of VST/VSTi plugin's window is now saved an restored.
  • 8. Fixed startup problem with Wine if Windows version is set higher than Win XP. Now the x64 version is also supported under Wine.
  • 9. Added MuntVsti 2.3.
  • 10. Updated bass/bassmidi libraries.

What is new in version 4.8:

Version 4.8:

  • 1. Added ability for complete GS soundfonts to use Bank LSB as a base bank address. This way you can test more full GS soundfonts at once with variation banks addressed by Bank MSB without risking bank conflicts.
  • 2. Added native XMI files support together with multiple tracks/songs.
  • 3. Added proper support for Type 2 midi files. They work like XMI files regarding multiple tracks.
  • 4. Midi files meant to be played on SC-88+ devices are detected and their type is displayed correctly.
  • 5. Fixed defaul values of Controllers 76-78 that are defined on SC-8820 and later Roland devices.
  • 6. Added MuntVsti 2.2 with important fixes (details in the ReadMe file of MuntVsti).

What is new in version 4.7:

Version 4.7:

  • 1. Some UI changes. Added dedicated Main Menu and Minimize button.
  • 2. Added ability to automatically send SysEx (*.syx) files with the same name as the played midi file.
  • 3. SysEx (*.syx) files can be drag&dropped into main window and also into Select/Send SysEx dialog and are sent immediately.
  • 4. Added a simple gain VST effect plugin to help handling the wide variation of output levels between VSTi instruments.
  • 5. Fixed time column of the playlist. It displayed playlist time as a normal time format and overflowed at 12/24 hours.
  • 6. Fixed Bassmidi/Vsti mode failed to use default sound output device when it is changed during playback.
  • 7. Fixed notes from Midi input does not use channel map settings when key offset is used and 'Apply controls to Midi in' is selected.

What is new in version 4.5:

Version 4.5:

  • 1. Added new "File Mode" recording option (right click menu on record button). If enabled recording only starts when playback starts and recording stops when the midi file's playback ends.
  • 2. Added new OPL3 GM VSTi for the ones who like 90's retro sound. It's in the same VST folder where MuntVSTi can be found.
  • 3. Added 49716 Hz to selectable sample rates (because of OPL3 GM VSTi).
  • 4. Added version 1.2 of MuntVSTi.
  • 5. Added MT-32 Master volume sysex handling (used when "use Sysex for Volume/Balance" is enabled is mixer options).
  • 6. MT-32 midi files detected and displayed as "MT" on the main UI.
  • 7. Fixed GS_MT32_Mode.syx by adding proper default MT-32 instrument list and MT-32 default pitch bend range.
  • 8. Fixed 'Play from first Note' problem (playback misses some early notes) by fast forwarding only to one beat before first note.

What is new in version 4.2:

Version 4.2:

  • 1. Added crop selected files.
  • 2. New explorer like playlist with multi-selection delete, drag, crop.
  • 3. Added SysEx support for midi over net.
  • 4. Modified VST(i) settings file format to VST standard fxb. Loading old bin format is still supported.
  • 5. Hex string input control is replaced by multi line edit control in Select/Send Custom SysEx dialog.
  • 6. Fixed potential converter command line issues.
  • 7. Fixed instrument list when Sysex resets are very close to first program change messages.
  • 8. Fixed non-visible VST(i) editors when width/height is only available after embedding.
  • 9. Fixed Bass mode cannot be enabled under Wine.

What is new in version 4.1:

Version 4.1:

  • 1. Added automatic loading options to VST/VSTi plugins.
  • 2. Added Bass/Treble configuration. You can invoke it by right clicking the corresponding trackbar (works only in Bassmidi/VSTi mode).
  • 3. Added XG style SysEx dump program change detection and CTF support for SysEx based program changes.
  • 4. Added automatic removing of non-existent files from playlists at load time.
  • 5. Fixed some drums related CTF issues.
  • 6. Fixed ESC handling in modal dialogs.

What is new in version 4.0:

Version 4.0:

  • 1. Added VSTi plugins (VST instrument) support.
  • 2. Added reset to middle position to most trackbars. Besides balance/bass/treble it also applies to tempo and key offset.
  • 3. VST and VSTi plugin window positions are saved and restored.
  • 4. Added shortcut keys that open effect/instrument window and automatically load previously set VST/VSTi plugins.
  • 5. Fixed handling of VST effect plugins that cannot detach their editor window properly.

What is new in version 3.9:

Version 3.9:

  • 1. Added 'Show Velocity on Piano' option to main menu -> appearance. If enabled it shows different velocity values with different grayscale colors.
  • 2. Added VST effect/visualization plugin support (main menu -> Bass VST Plugins. It only works in Bassmidi output mode).
  • 3. Fixed error when last file on playlist is deleted while being played and repeat one is enabled.
  • 4. Fixed AV errors in case of successive delete operations when 0 ms sysex delay is set.
  • 5. Better compatibility with older computers that have only 1 CPU core.

What is new in version 3.8:

Version 3.8:

  • 1. Added Midi Channels visualization mode. Unlike previous modes this one is working with standard midi ports since it uses midi messages instead of wave data.
  • 2.Added channel map to virtual piano Show All mode. By right clicking the Show All button you can set the map to prevent displaying e.g. drum channels.
  • 3. Added playing state indicators to taskbar thumbnail (Win7+).
  • 4. Added SC88 reset sysex as valid GS mode reset.
  • 5. Fixed GS style sysex patch/tone change detection.
  • 6. Fixed Real-time loaded soundfonts resetting when any unrelated options changed in Device Settings dialog.
  • 7. Fixed multi-monitor related issues.

What is new in version 3.7:

Version 3.7:

  • 1. This is an important update since resolves a long pending bassmidi bug (especially in the x64 version) of high CPU usage after idle periods.
  • 2. Added handling of drag&dropped folders (single level, no recursion).
  • 3. Added instant playing mode. When drag&dropping files/folders to the main display area it replaces the current items and starts playing.
  • 4. Added the possibility to change the output folder of converted MOD/XM/IT files.
  • 5. Added reset type changing to sysex submenu of the main menu so it can also be reached when the player is in compact mode.
  • 6. Added restoring Bass Spectrum Analyzer if it was opened before switching to normal midi output port.
  • 7. Fixed writing wave files bigger than 4GB (that is out of wave file specification).
  • 8. Fixed Bassmidi's reverb and chorus type/level setting failure of the x64 version.

What is new in version 3.6:

Version 3.6:

  • 1. Added Capital Tone Feedback emulation. Useful in case of synths that play wrong instrument or completely stay silent when an invalid bank is referred.
  • 2. Added to the Channel select, Key offset, and Scale effect right click context menu a more verbose channel info with preset names.
  • 3. Added custom sysex reset type. Moreover sysex delay settings are applied to other sysex reset types.
  • 4. Added Mute/Solo Attenuate compatibility setting. It results in vanBasco like attenuation instead of pure on/off state.
  • 5. Added Enable Sysex from Midi in option.
  • 6. Added Apply controls to Midi in option..
  • 7. Added Set Missing Defaults compatibility option.
  • 8. Fixed some AV errors related to playlist handling.

What is new in version 3.4.2:

Version 3.4.2

  • 1. Improved Shuffle function to avoid frequent repetitions.
  • 2. Added option to playlist's context menu for enabling CD standard 2 secs pause between songs.

What is new in version 3.4:

Version 3.4

  • 1. Added support for Bassmidi's native 32bit float sample data. 32bit mode can prevent clipping especially when high Bass/Treble values are used.
  • 2. Added support for saving 32bit float wave files when Bassimid's 32bit mode is active. 32bit wave files are mainly useful for post processing.
  • 3. Added support for Bassmidi's NOTEOFF1 mode. If this mode is active note off events only kill the last instance of a note, not all overlapping notes.
  • 4. Fixed regression of Midi over net.
  • 5. Other minor fixes.
  • 6. New experimental 64 bit version. This version's advantages are better unicode filename support and the potential to handle multiple (very) big soundfonts.

What is new in version 3.3:

Version 3.3

  • 1. Somewhat bigger user interface including virtual piano, knobs and buttons.
  • 2. Added repeat one and shuffle command buttons to toolbar.
  • 3. Added sorting to playlist. Items can be sorted by clicking the corresponding column header.
  • 4. Faster and more compatible mod2midi conversions.
  • 5. More precise BPM calculations and playback when tempo is modified.
  • 6. Channel map context menu reflects actual drum/melodic channels.

What is new in version


  • 1. Added support for Cakewalk/Sonar instrument definition (.ins) files.
  • 2. Added new bassmidi version that fixed drum channel related bugs.
  • 3. Added chord mode to virtual piano and Midi input.
  • 4. Added send custom SysEx option.
  • 5. Added a workaround for handling unicode file names that the active code page does not support.
  • 6. Start/Stop real time messages can be sent to Midi out and Metronome - Bassmidi version 1.2.
  • 7. Minor fixes and improvements: fixed slower startup regression from version 3.0, more precise tempo settings, added actual Midi mode display, more intuitive main menu options, confirmation before removing playlist items when using 'Open files';

What is new in version 2.8.1:

The default release is changed to Bassmidi Edition + Reality GMGS falcomod soundfont since it is more optimal for beginners. More advanced users can easily change midi out to their favorite one. version 2.8.1:

  • Added capability of recording to compressed audio formats. Any available ACM codecs can be used (e.g. Fraunhofer or Lame mp3 codec). Information about enabling/installing mp3 codecs can be found in the 'Enable_MP3_Record' folder.

What is new in version 2.8:

The default release is changed to Bassmidi Edition + Reality GMGS falcomod soundfont since it is more optimal for beginners. More advanced users can easily change midi out to their favorite one. version 2.8:

  • 1. Mono volume meter is replaced with a stereo one.
  • 2. Last played item on playlist is saved and restored.
  • 3. Lyrics is center aligned and lyrics window is fullscreen capable.
  • 4. Lyrics window and spectrum analyzer can be snapped to main window
  • 5. Save re-patched midi option added to playlist menu.
  • 6. New channel handling option for midi input.
  • 7. Added active/inactive state feedback to main form's caption.
  • 8. Fixed buggy 'Always on top' behaviour.
  • 9. Added displaying midi mode of midi files for known Sysex types.
  • 10. Added 'Shuffle' option to playlist menu.
  • 11. Added option to main menu 'Fix SysEx patch changes'.
  • 12. Minor cosmetic changes on Windows 8+.
  • 13. Finally a help file with Howto videos is added.

What is new in version 2.7.1:

  • 1. Added new Sysex reset types: GM2 and NX(Technics specific). Available by right clicking the reset icon.
  • 2. Redesigned interface for a little bit more modern look.
  • 3. You can change the font color of the main display panel(new item in main context menu).
  • 4. Signed middle C on virtual piano.
  • 5. Wine compatible (bassmidi output mode).
  • 6. Improved black midi playback performance.

What is new in version 2.6:

Version 2.6

  • 1. Important under the hood virtual memory optimizations so the program can open and play very big midi files. Black midis are welcome :).
  • 2. Mod2midi converts more efficiently (produces less midi tracks and smaller midi files) so more complex modules (mod,xm etc.) can be played.
  • 3. Bass spectrum analyzer FPS can be adjusted (right click spectrum analyzer window).
  • 4. Scrolling title for long midi file names (click to enable/disable).
  • 5. Added key offset channel map. You can set which channels the key offset is applied to (right click on Key Offset trackbar). This can be useful for XG and mod converted midi files that not necessarily use channel 10 as drum channel.
  • 6. Fixed bug of incorrect tempo in case of missing tempo track and/or tempo change meta event.
  • 7. Full support of high contrast Windows themes.
  • 8. Smaller user interface related bug fixes.



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