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Version: 9.4 updated
Upload Date: 30 Oct 16
Developer: Mobatek
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 649
Size: 27064 Kb

Rating: 3.3/5 (Total Votes: 3)

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MobaXterm is a set of network tools included in a single portable exe file. MobaXterm integrates an X server and several network clients (SSH, RDP, VNC, telnet, rlogin, sftp, and ftp) accessible through a tab-based terminal. MobaXterm also integrates a complete set of Unix commands.

What is new in this release:

Version 9.4:

  • MobaXterm supports native Windows GSSAPI authentication in SSH-browser, SSH-Gateway (jump hosts), SSH-tunnels, SSH and SFTP sessions, when GSSAPI is checked in MobaXterm global settings
  • a new button in MobaXterm home page allows you to recover sessions which had been opened in previous instance of MobaXterm
  • it is now possible to assign comments to sessions and to use them in the "Quick connect" field in order to find a session
  • added support for the third-party "MIT Kerberos" library for GSSAPI authentication in SSH sessions, SSH-browser, SSH-Gateway, SSH-tunnels and SFTP sessions
  • a new button in MobaXterm SSH-browser allows you to switch to "SUDO" mode in the SSH-browser (this button is available only if "Use SCP protocol" is checked in session settings)
  • What is new in version 9.2:

    Version 9.2:

    • New feature: you can now create your own custom syntax highlighting definitions for the terminal, using the embedded syntax customization tool
    • New feature: added line delay option while pasting to the terminal. This gives some time for slow remote systems to handle pasted text properly
    • Improvement: enhanced startup speed when many sessions are present
    • Improvement: enhanced "network" syntax highlighting
    • Improvement: added a graphical editor for files/folders permissions through SSH, SFTP or SCP
    • Bugfix: corrected SSH-browser display of "special files" (block device, ...) when SCP protocol is checked
    • Improvement: users are now prompted for master password when resuming from a locked screen (for better security)
    • Improvement: enhanced SSH-browser display of "parent folder"
    • Bugfix: Mosh sessions are forced to IPv4 only (IPv6 is not yet supported by Mosh client/server)
    • Improvement: hidden files/folders are now faded out in SSH-browser
    • Improvement: added 1920x1200 RDP resolution setting
    • Improvement: added "PERL" and "SQL" terminal syntax colorations
    • Improvement: added "i3" and "wmii" remote desktops in SSH advanced settings
    • Improvement: "Ubuntu Bash 4 Windows" sessions now start in the proper "HOME" folder
    • Improvement: backup archive for configuration files now stores the last 16 configurations (instead of 8)
    • Bugfix: fixed a potential tabs drag/drop issue when "mouse follows focus" feature was activated in Windows Accessibility settings
    • Bugfix: fixed some issues with html web page generation from sessions list
    • Improvement: properly support "special" characters in Ubuntu Bash for Windows (WSL): now Home, End, Insert, Delete, F1 - F16 and Ctrl+A - Ctrl+Z keys are properly handled

    What is new in version 9.1:

    Version 9.1:

    • Improvement: added automatic scrolling of the sessions tree: you can now move a session to a folder which is not reachable without scrolling
    • Improvement: added new "Monokai" color scheme for terminal emulator
    • Improvement: better detection of non-writeable configuration file
    • Bugfix: fixed a focus issue with RDP sessions when switching from another application to MobaXterm
    • Bugfix: fixed some small issues when selecting/moving/duplicating sessions from the sessions tree
    • Bugfix: fixed default home symbolic links which occured when targets are on a shared folder
    • Improvement: added "MATE desktop" to the list of remote desktop managers in SSH session settings
    • Improvement: added some more debugging information for INI file detection, localisation and update
    • Bugfix: fixed a "freeze" issue which occured when attempting to perform the "ls -al /usr//../" command
    • Improvement: added a "-nomultitaskbar" commandline option (in order to force MobaXterm to the first taskbar)
    • Bugfix: fixed an issue when starting a new PowerShell or Cmd session in "C:": session did not start in "C:", but in default directory instead
    • Bugfix: resized some folder icons in order for all folder icons to have the same size
    • Improvement: improved logging information concerning SSH host keys
    • Bugfix: MobaXterm used to take SSH hosts keys from PuTTY if available, with some potential issues if a host key was modified in MobaXterm but not in PuTTY
    • Improvement: escape sequence sent when pressing alt+arrow keys in terminal are the same as in standard xterm terminal emulator
    • Bugfix: in some specific cases, tab titles were displayed in red after disconnection/reconnection
    • Bugfix: suppressed a transient visual "glitch" on the top buttons bar when a new session was started
    • Improvement: added a new setting in RDP sessions in order to enable or disable Credential Security Support Provider (CredSSP) for authentication
    • Improvement: the embedded SSH agent is now launched before SSH tunnels
    • Improvement: when MobaXterm starts and a tunnel is slow to connect, startup continues without waiting for tunnel connection to terminate
    • Bugfix: function keys now work properly in "MultiExec" mode
    • Improvement: SSH-browser with SCP protocol now preserves files permissions after a direct file edition
    • Bugfix: fixed an issue with "Store password" window which could be activated twice with RDP session
    • Improvement: enhanced macros at sessions start: now macros can be executed simultaneously when you start multiple sessions
    • Bugfix: improved SSH tunnels closing function (in some rare cases, some tunnels could leave MobaXterm in a pending state after closing it)
    • Improvement: number of terminal lines when printing is limited to the last terminal lines in order to save the environment
    • Bugfix: suppressed an incorrect warning concerning host identification verification when SSHing through a gateway server (SSH jump host)
    • Improvement: MobaXterm start up speed has been slightly improved
    • Bugfix: fixed a maximize/restore issue on Windows 10 when multiple monitors are present and a specific taskbar is affected to each monitor
    • Bugfix: fixed a typo in the Home page on "Professional" word (thanks to Dewi for reporting it)

    What is new in version 9.0:

    Version 9.0:

    • New feature: added support for the new "Ubuntu Bash on Windows" feature (introduced in latest Windows 10 builds). In "Shell" sessions, you can choose between native Bash, Cmd, Powershell and "Ubuntu bash"
    • New feature: added terminal activity tracking: icon of terminal tab is displayed with a blue dot if some activity is detected
    • New feature: added terminal modification tracking: title of inactive terminal tab is displayed using blue color if something occured in the terminal
    • New feature: added terminal disconnection tracking: title of inactive terminal tab is displayed using red color if session has been disconnected
    • New feature: added a new experimental setting in the "File" session type, which allows you to open any file/folder directly into MobaXterm tabbed interface
    • New feature: you can now specify a start up macro for SSH, Telnet, RSH, Mosh, Serial (COM) and Shell sessions
    • New feature: you can now specify pattern conditions in macros (wait for a pattern before following up with macro execution)
    • New feature: added new browser session setting which allows to emulate older IE versions, from IE7 to IE11
    • Improvement: you can now specify the COM port to use for serial connection at session start (useful if you use a USB/COM adapter which can be attached to random COM ports numbers)
    • Improvement: enhanced macro editor: you can now type some text directly into the macro editor instead of editing each keystroke
    • Improvement: you can now use the following variables in macros: $MobaDisplay and $MobaIP
    • Improvement: terminal syntax highlighting feature (a.k.a. keyword coloration) is no more tagged as "experimental"
    • Improvement: enhanced terminal speed when syntax highlighting is enabled: the terminal no longer suffer from slower speed when syntax highlighting is active
    • Improvement: added a new "Byobu" terminal type in sessions which is compatible with Byobu escape sequences (Ctrl+Fn and Shift+Fn keys)
    • Improvement: added "R" programming language in MobaTextEditor syntax list
    • Improvement: when you save terminal output to file, the file format you choose (RTF or TXT) is now saved
    • Improvement: added /dev/shm directory structure (especially useful in order to use Ansible on Windows with MobaXterm)
    • Improvement: added a new "Duplicate macro" feature for existing macros
    • Improvement: enhanced saving speed when dealing with huge terminal output
    • Improvement: added a new "Hide toolbar" button in detached windows
    • Improvement: added a refresh feature for local folders for FTP/SFTP sessions, by pressing "F5" key
    • Improvement: implemented 2 undocumented settings "AllowBlinking" and "CtrlAltIsAltGr" ( more info on )
    • Improvement: MobaXterm is now displayed on the proper taskbar with multiple monitors
    • Improvement: when saving huge terminal output, a prompt now allows you to choose whether to limit the number of lines to save
    • Improvement: added the iperf3 tool in the CygUtils plugin
    • Improvement: updated the "Default (OK/warning/error keywords)" terminal syntax highlighting with new patterns detection
    • Improvement: updated the "Unix shell script" terminal syntax highlighting with new patterns detection
    • Improvement: added new manual INI setting "AllowLegacyAlgos" under the "SSH" section (set to "0" by default), which allows to activate legacy protocols and keys for SSH client
    • Improvement: improved Ctrl+C and arrows handling in Dos and PowerShell sessions
    • Improvement: added basic keywords coloration (Ok/warning/error) as default global setting
    • Bugfix: TFTP server (embedded TFTP daemon) can now handle folders structure in order to upload/upload files
    • Bugfix: corrected typo in syntax highlighting: the keyword "successful" is now properly detected
    • Bugfix: added Windows path environment variable to RDP sessions for proper Smartcards authentication
    • Bugfix: the "SSH-browser" label in MobaXterm global settings was not displayed entirely
    • Bugfix: commandline SSH client was missing support for GSSAPI authentication in previous version
    • Bugfix: the /registry symlink was incorrect on some Windows systems
    • Bugfix: terminal scrollback was erased when telnet or rlogin sessions were reconnected
    • Bugfix: fixed libraries incompatibilities with the "findutils" package downloaded using "apt-get"
    • Bugfix: a "reconnection message" was displayed on CMD or POWERSHELL sessions types, even if the setting was unchecked
    • Bugfix: "Quick search" menu was displayed in the wrong place when sidebar was docked to the right
    • Bugfix: with Pro Edition, the separation line was shown even if it was unchecked in global settings
    • Bugfix: corrected a freeze issue in MultiExec mode, when connecting several SSH sessions to the same host and using Keyboard-interactive authentication
    • Bugfix: removed an error message when starting a beta version with Compact mode enabled
    • Bugfix: removed an error message when starting a Powershell session with a command and no home folder specified
    • Bugfix: fixed file access rights issues in HOME folder

    What is new in version 8.6:

    Version 8.6:

    • New feature: added terminal syntax coloration in global and sessions settings
    • New feature: added experimental support for Z-modem transfers in MobaXterm terminal if you have the CygUtils plugin installed: you can now transfer files directly through the terminal by launching sz, rz, lsz or lrz on your remote host and choosing "Z-modem send" or "Z-modem receive" in terminal right-click menu
    • Bugfix: updated OpenSSH to version 7.1p2 in order to fix CVE-2016-0777 and CVE-2016-0778 bugs. Note that this fix is for manual SSH connections from local terminal commandline only: "normal" MobaXterm SSH sessions are not concerned by the OpenSSH CVE-2016-0777 and CVE-2016-0778 bugs
    • Bugfix: corrected the "search" feature which was not properly reset when closed
    • Improvement: added another check for master password in passwords management, when showing stored passwords
    • Bugfix: terminals in detached windows no longer loose focus when spawning SSH connections
    • New feature: added xrdb and setx11dpi tools: useful for retrieving/modifying Xserver settings, especially Xserver DPI value
    • Improvement: allowed log files to be written to UNC network paths
    • Improvement: added new available keyboard shortcuts combinations: WindowsLogo + F1-F12 and WindowsLogo + 0-9

    What is new in version 8.3:

    Version 8.3:

    • Security fix: in previous releases, some remote users could spy on X11 connections when Access Control was turned off (thanks to for the information). This has been changed in current version by activating Access Control by default with an authorization prompt when a remote program requests local display connection.
    • New feature: added full TrueColor (24 bit) support in MobaXterm terminal (can be tested using the "lscolors" command)
    • New feature: added a tooltip containing columns / rows values when resizing a terminal
    • Improvement: xterm-256color is now properly supported with a proper 256 colors palette
    • Improvement: when "User" field is left blank for SSH gateway, MobaXterm will use the default username configured in your global settings
    • Improvement: improved focus behaviour with RDP sessions: clicking on RDP session when another window overlaps it should raise MobaXterm
    • Improvement: added a new option to leave audio at remote computer in RDP sessions
    • Improvement: pressing RETURN key while browsing sessions now starts the selected session
    • Improvement: you can now press RETURN key in the "store password" prompt in order to quickly accept
    • Improvement: added some more inline information and tooltips
    • Improvement: added sessions details in tooltips when hovering nodes in the main sessions tree
    • Improvement: disabled automatic completion for DLL libraries
    • Improvement: improved resize function in "MultiExec" mode
    • Improvement: MobaXterm now detects at startup if another different version of MobaXterm is running and shows a warning in this case
    • Bugfix: Alt+Tab now brings focus to MobaXterm even when a modal window is in foreground
    • Bugfix: in RDP sessions, the "Disconnect" button now performs a proper RDP disconnection instead of killing RDP session
    • Bugfix: paste shortcut was sent to the incorrect terminal when used in a detached form with another tabbed terminal active
    • Bugfix: with some specific folder priviledges, Mosh session did not start properly
    • Bugfix: some checkbox settings in RDP sessions were overlapped on high DPI monitors
    • Bugfix: added a workaround in order to avoid a warning message caused by an old install of "MIT Kerberos" application
    • Bugfix: ssh agent forwarding was not properly disabled when "Forward agents" was unchecked in global settings
    • Bugfix: bash completion (using tab key) for ssh commands deleted @ character

    What is new in version 8.2:

    Version 8.2:

    • New feature: added a new "inline search" feature which allows you to highlight search terms directly into the terminal itself
    • New feature: added an internal SSH agent "MobAgent" which allows you to automatically load SSH keys at MobaXterm startup and to forward them
    • Improvement: the keyboard shortcut for "Paste inside terminal" can now be modified (default: Shift+INSERT). Remember that there is no shortcut for "COPY" as copying is performed automatically when you select some text.

    What is new in version 7.6:

    Version 7.6

    • Improvement: MobaXterm is now compatible with Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9926
    • Improvement: Upgraded OpenSSH to version 6.7 with new ed25519 (curve25519) SSH keys support
    • Improvement: MobaXterm is now compatible with 4K (Ultra-HD / High-DPI) monitors. Native HDPI mode has been added
    • Improvement: Added a new RDP setting in order to automatically adapt the remote desktop size to the current DPI size of the screen
    • Improvement: Increased font size for X server on 4K (UHD) screens
    • Improvement: You can now select the scaling factor of MobaXterm interface using the "-dpi" command line parameter
    • Improvement: Switched from Heimdal to MIT implementation of Kerberos for SSH
    • Bugfix: Terminal lines were truncated after minimizing MobaXterm terminal
    • Bugfix: TAB key was not correctly recorded in macros
    • Bugfix: SFTP sessions through a web or socks proxy did not work with some proxy configurations
    • Bugfix: In the SFTP browser, setting an empty file name is not allowed anymore
    • Bugfix: With some skins, the "Quick connect" button was not displayed correctly
    • Improvement: Added a tooltip with the full tab title when mouse hovers a tab with shrinked title
    • Improvement: Added a setting in the "Terminal" section for hiding terminal scrollbar
    • Improvement: Added a setting in the "Terminal" section for hiding the separation line between each command in local terminal
    • Bugfix: The "X11 compatible keyboard" setting is now applied without restarting MobaXterm
    • Bugfix: In compact mode, main window state (maximized or normal) is now correctly applied at MobaXterm startup
    • Improvement: It is now possible to leave the "remote user" field blank in order to use the default SSH user in MobaSSHTunnel
    • Improvement: Added new shortcuts for increasing/decreasing font sizes: Ctrl+Minus_Key and Ctrl+Plus_Key
    • Improvement: Added "Toggle scrollbar" option to the right-click menu on a terminal
    • Improvement: Added "Flip screen" option to the right-click menu on a terminal which allows toggling primary/alternate screens (useful when using VIM in order to display underlying shell output)
    • Improvement: Improved the "apt-get" feature (a.k.a. "MobApt") in order to allow downloads using default Windows internet connection settings
    • Improvement: Added beep (bell feature) to MobaXterm terminal as a new setting under the "Terminal section" in global configuration
    • Improvement: Added "beep" terminal command for use in shell scripts
    • Improvement: Updated X server to version 1.16.3 (enhanced OpenGL support)
    • Bugfix: X server sets a default keyboard layout when no keyboard has been automatically detected
    • Improvement: The "Auto-reconnect" button now allows SSH tunnels to reconnect even after a network failure
    • Bugfix: Using web browser sessions, on some websites, the return key was not handled correctly

    What is new in version 7.4:

    Version 7.4

    • Improvement: MobaXterm is now compatible with Windows 10 "Technical Preview"
    • Improvement: upgraded X server to version 1.16.2
    • Improvement: upgraded bash to version 4.1.17
    • Improvement: added a "Reconnect" button for SFTP (allows you to reconnect the SFTP browser in case of a network failure or a firewall disconnection)
    • Bugfix: when exiting "Compact mode" on professional edition, the "Unregistered" bar is not displayed anymore
    • Improvement: improved "Compact mode" (settings and menus improvements)
    • Improvement: improved scrolling in the left sidebar using mouse wheel, even when the focus is set to the terminal
    • Improvement: The main window title and the taskbar title are automatically changed to the active tab name
    • Improvement: MobaXterm can now import mRemoteNG sessions
    • Bugfix: corrected a bug in "Nimesweeper" (arrow keys were not working correctly)
    • Improvement: improved main window for high DPI monitors
    • Improvement: improved OpenGL support in X server
    • Improvement: added a new setting in VNC and RDP sessions in order to disable the settings bar
    • Improvement: Added a "ASCII" button in the SFTP browser in order to toggle ASCII/Binary mode for file transfers
    • Improvement: Added a new button in the SFTP browser in order to toggle show/hide hidden files
    • Bugfix: in some cases, the "Ctrl" key was incorrectly detected as pressed after using the "New tab" shortcut
    • Improvement: COM ports are detected automatically each time you go to the "Serial" session manager (not only at MobaXterm startup)
    • Improvement: MobApt is now able to force the installation of Cygwin tools
    • Bugfix: Corrected a recurrent issue with private SSH keys rights
    • Improvement: Added a graphical warning when the remote host identification has changed with a tool to reset the alarm
    • Improvement: Added keyboard interactive authentication type for SSH gateway
    • Bugfix: corrected a graphical bug in the graphical SSH tunnels tool: start buttons were not drawn correctly in skinned mode
    • Improvement: Added an automatic detection of any deleted file in the temp folder during execution
    • Improvement: Added the "showkey" tool
    • Improvement: Added the "killX" tool
    • Improvement: MobaTextEditor can now indent/unindent blocks with Tab/Shift+Tab
    • Improvement: Updated documentation with new features
    • Improvement: Added the "glxgears" and "glxinfo" tools for Xserver OpenGL tests
    • Improvement: Added a new "AutoReconnect" setting in MobaSSHTunnel which automatically reconnects SSH tunnels after a network failure
    • Improvement: Improved the way MobaXterm is started in order to avoid issues with sandboxes
    • Improvement: Added some warnings when using a non-persistent HOME directory and using ssh-keygen

    What is new in version 7.3:

    Version 7.3

    • Bugfix: updated bash to version 4.1.13 to fix "shellshock" vulnerability (CVE-2014-6271, CVE-2014-7169)
    • Improvement: added a "compact mode" in the "View" menu in order to save screen real estate
    • Bugfix: on German and French keyboards, the AltGr+] escape sequence was not working correctly
    • Bugfix: if Persistent Root folder has been set to a network share, a FAT16 or ExFAT filesystem, an error message was displayed at X server startup
    • Bugfix: on Windows 2000 and XP, MobaXterm logo background was not transparent
    • Bugfix: with persistent root folder, new customizations were sometimes not applied correctly
    • Improvement: the embedded browser now emulates the most recent engine available
    • Improvement: added a "tweet" button in the "About" window (please send a tweet about MobaXterm if you like it)
    • Improvement: added the "xauth" command for the embedded X server
    • Bugfix: MobaSwInfo now lists install software correctly on Windows 8/8.1 64 bit
    • Bugfix: Corrected the "Shift+Tab" shortcut in OpenSuse "Yast" installer
    • Improvement: improved the way symlinks are handled via SSH or SFTP
    • Bugfix: Corrected the Gnome session environment which did not start correctly through SSH when remote user had TCSH as default shell
    • Bugfix: fixed a potential indexing issue when deleting a SSH tunnel
    • Improvement: added a new telnet setting which prevents MobaXterm from closing when a telnet session is active
    • Bugfix: corrected resizing issues with RDP sessions
    • Improvement: added a new commandline setting in order to allow MobApt to work with local Cygwin repositories (e.g. MobApt -l /drives/c/MyCygwinRepository)
    • Bugfix: corrected an issue with tar and hardlink decompression
    • Improvement: added 2 more sections to the embedded documentation with detailed explanations about global settings and sessions settings
    • Improvement: added a lot of new questions/answers in the FaQ section



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