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Version: 8.7.5 updated
Upload Date: 2 Apr 15
Developer: Flowerfire
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 199.00 $
Downloads: 13

Rating: 2.7/5 (Total Votes: 3)

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Sawmill is a powerful, hierarchical log analysis tool. It is particularly well suited to web server access and referrer logs, but can process almost any log. It runs either with a built-in web server, or as a CGI program on your web server, and publishes an intuitive graphical user interface which can be used from any web browser to configure and run Sawmill, or to view the statistics pages. The statistics pages are hierarchical, attractive, and heavily crosslinked for easy navigation. Complete documentation is built directly into the program. Sawmill provides an extensive set of features, including a persistent database, fine control over the appearance of stats pages, and versatile log filtering options.

What is new in this release:

  • [1314766] Generating a report on Windows with multiple report filters sometimes results in an error like: Can't delete file LogAnalysisInfo\TemporaryFiles\illocal_xxx (Permission denied)
  • [1316024] This illocal file deletion bug in Windows has been fixed for release 8.7.5.
  • [1317984] HTTPS web server now uses TLS protocol, replacing SSLv3 protocol. This allows it to work in latest version of Firefox.

What is new in version 8.7.4:

  • Profiles created with Tomcat Valve patterns give an error on report generation, 'The database field node "page_views" refers to the log field node "page_views" but this log field does not exist.'
  • Clicking on Customize Report Element or Export in Reports throw an error in Chrome and Safari web browser.
  • Customize Report Element in Reports throws an error in Chrome and Safari web browser.
  • There is no option to choose the source field when adding a Aggregating Field snapon with "max" as the operator.
  • Manually attaching the Aggregating Field snapon results in an error: Unknown variable 'volatile.new_profile_name' in expression.
  • When using Italian language, the Snapons page gives an error, "Unknown variable 'param1' in expression"
  • If a report contains a graph of the Date/time Timestamp field, it generates an error like, "Unknown variable 'lang_stats.months_short.880' in expression".
  • Reports with a date_time_timestamp as the main field in non-log-detail reports throw an error when displaying a graph.
  • If log data contains commas in its "key" field used for collect/accept parsing, an error can occur on database update, "Error occurred while reading config 'LogAnalysisInfo/Databases/{profile}/main/saved_collected_entries.cfg'"
  • Restructured reports editor code base to prevent the loss of all reports when saving report changes. A side effect of this changes are improved loading and saving times of reports in reports editor.
  • After a database has been built and then updated, if a subsequent rebuild is performed, although a new report table will show the correct new date range, the date range in the graphs and calendar of reports will use a cached date range from the last update, and may not match the table. This cached date range is now deleted during the rebuild.
  • Relative date filter, i.e. "last6M-show1M" shows two months instead of one.
  • On on a 32-bit machine, report rows are sorted incorrectly for any number over 4.2 billion.
  • Export Report Element in Reports throws an error in Chrome and Safari web browser.
  • Changing the graph type from a chronological type to a non-chronological type has no effect on the graph itself.
  • Internal Sawmill database directory is not deleted when deleting a profile with a MySQL or MS SQL database.
  • New Profile Wizard - Log source page. An invalid regular expression in the file mask shows a a language variable reference instead of the error message.
  • Reports Editor - Manage Fields did not show report fields with type unnormalized_string.
  • Added database type info in bug reports.
  • Improved placement of snapon-generated report groups in the Reports menu, so they always go above Single-page Summary and Log Detail.
  • Enhanced Kerio Mailserver support to auto-detect a slight variant, and to report Subjects when present.
  • Added support for AWS ELB Log Format.
  • Improved the performance of large table reports sorted on a string field which uses itemnums (which is most string fields). Performance is at least 20x faster (20+ minutes to 1 minute) for a 800,000 row example table.
  • Added support for a variant of Watchguard Firebox XTM log format.
  • Added support for ICAP log format.

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