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Version: 13.0.1
Upload Date: 22 Nov 14
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 99.95 $
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Size: 3688 Kb

Rating: 3.0/5 (Total Votes: 2)

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SecureFM is a FileMaker Pro plug-in that prevents the undesired creation, modification, or deletion of data by giving database designers and system administrators the ability to selectively disable FileMaker Pro menu items and functions such as New Database, Delete Record, Delete All, Replace, New Record, Close, or Exit/Quit (and their associated keyboard equivalents) while keeping other menu items available to the user. Disabled functions can continue to be executed by script, giving a developer complete control over the conditions under which a user can access them.

The open environment of FileMaker Pro means that if a user has been given the privilege to edit any data in FileMaker, that user commonly has the ability to edit all data, including the modification and/or deletion of many records at once. For developers trying to create a secure solution, this can present a real problem. SecureFM enables developers and system administrators to ensure data integrity by preventing the inadvertent modification or deletion of records, with greater power than FMP's own Custom Menus function.

What is new in this release:

Redesign of SecureFM 13 for Mac
SecureFM 13 for Macintosh is fully compatible with FileMaker 13. Because of significant changes in how FileMaker 12 and 13 interact with the Mac OS, SecureFM 13 for the Mac has several changes from earlier plugin versions:

  • New Disable Function Syntax
    Menus and menu items are no longer identified by numerical position. SecureFM 13 for Mac now uses FileMaker's native menu IDs. The SecureFM Menu Editor has been updated to correctly calculate Mac strings for the new menu ID structure. You can also use the new ShowMenuIDs function to display individual menu ID numbers (or you can view the table included with the SecureFM documentation).

    The string format itself has also been modified in SecureFM 13 for Mac. Instead of requiring a separate bracketed line for each menu, new lines are only required for each mode (All, Browse, Find, Layout, and Preview), beginning with the new format identifier "100" --

    <*>: <100,A,<49153>> <100,B,<50158,50191,50159>> <100,P,<50158,50191,50159>>
  • Disable Submenu Items
    With the old format strings, submenus, such as File > Manage, could be disabled, but not individual submenu items. With the new menu ID strings, submenu items can be disabled individually, such as File > Manage > Database.

    This option is only available with the new string formats in the Mac version of SecureFM 13. It is not an option on Windows.

    (Note that the SecureFM Menu Editor file currently only allows you to build strings that disable entire submenus. You must manually create or modify your strings to disable individual submenu items.)
  • Closebox and Other Widget Buttons Must Be Disabled Separately
    In the old format strings (and on the current Windows plugin), you could disable menu items and associated widget buttons were automatically disabled. For example, disabling Close in the File menu would also disable the Close Window widget button. This is no longer the case in SecureFM 13 for Mac. You must disable widget buttons separately using special disable codes for each widget button.
  • New ShowMenuIDs Function
    Resets FileMaker's menus to display the ID number next to every menu and menu item -- a quick way to find out the individual menu ID numbers required by the new Disable string format in the Mac version of SecureFM.
  • Rename and Script Functions Not Supported
    Because of significant changes in how FileMaker Pro interacts with the evolving Mac OS, the Mac version of SecureFM no longer supports the Rename and Script functions.
  • HotKey and Other Non-Menu Functions Continue to Work
    Other non-menu functions continue to work as they always have: Register, HotKey, Event functions, ExtractParameter, StoreText/GetText, etc.

Mavericks Compatibility
Previous versions of SecureFM will not load on Mavericks (MacOS 10.9). SecureFM 13 loads and is fully functional on Mavericks.

Menu Editor Updated for New Mac String Format
The Menu Editor has been updated to handle the new Mac Disable string syntax for both FileMaker 12 and 13. Strings are also correctly generated for the Windows version of SecureFM, as well.


  • FileMaker 12 - 13
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