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Version: 5.2 updated
Upload Date: 25 Nov 17
Developer: The Omni Group
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 49.95 $
Downloads: 25
Size: 39639 Kb

Rating: 3.7/5 (Total Votes: 7)

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Welcome to OmniOutliner, an amazingly flexible program for creating, collecting, and organizing information. Give your creativity a kick start by using an application that's actually designed to help you think. It's like having an extra brain - one that doesn't keep losing the car keys. You can use OmniOutliner's document structure to create hierarchies of main headings and subpoints that can be expanded and collapsed, which are immensely useful when it comes to brainstorming new ideas, drilling out specifics, and lining up steps needed to get everything done. But you aren't limited to outlines - you've got multiple columns, smart checkboxes, customizable popup lists, and an ber-innovative styles system at your disposal. Use OmniOutliner to draft to-do lists, create agendas, manage tasks, track expenses, take notes, plan events, write screenplays and just about anything else you can think of. It's a smarter way to write, a more productive way to stay organized. Whatever your project, OmniOutliner has the tools you need to get the job done.

What is new in this release:

Automation -- OmniOutliner now provides automation via JavaScript in addition to AppleScript. With the simple activation of a script you can programmatically create content and structure, conditionally change styles, or manipulate existing content.

What is new in version 5.1.4:

  • Interface -- There are more ways to set the outline column to auto-size with the window. This option is now available in the contextual menu for the outline column and under View > Columns.
  • General -- Fixed issues with unlocking the Pro Edition while the trial was in Essentials mode. This will fix the issue with only the Essentials templates appearing in the Resource Browser and documents temporarily showing the warning about Pro features at launch.
  • Copy/Paste -- Pasting data from Excel no longer results in a PDF.
  • Copy/Paste -- Pasting data from Numbers will retain the column structure.
  • Outline View -- Text no longer starts to blur at wide widths when editing a row.
  • Toolbar -- Fixed the vertical alignment of toolbar buttons in small size mode.

What is new in version 4.6.1:

  • Saving an OPML file while focused on a row will now retain the whole outline.
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when adding new rows.

What is new in version 4.6:

  • Announcements — In-app announcement feature to display notifications from The Omni Group. This feature will only be used to inform users of important information: when a new major version has been released, for example, or if action is required to prevent data loss.
  • Localizations — Localized help manuals are now bundled with the app.
  • Exports — The docx export will now set the note style to the Whole Document font when one has not been specified for Notes.
  • Exports — Fixed a couple bugs dealing with empty cells for the Plain Text (with tabs) exporter.

What is new in version 4.5.3:

  • Stability — Fixed a crash when force clicking on a selected image.
  • Stability — Saving edits to an attachment with an extension such as Markup will no longer crash.
  • Templates — Closing a new unsaved template and then selecting Save from the close panel will actually save the template.
  • Localizations — Fixed an incorrect translation of ‘Hide Sidebar’ in French.

What is new in version 4.5.1:

  • Print — The print scale value in Page Setup is no longer linked to the ‘Scale to fit page width’ setting.
  • Print — Print panel option text should no longer be cut off under OS X Yosemite.
  • Print — Image attachments will now print in the matching display state of either an icon or inline.
  • Print — When sorted is turned on, level 1 rows will now print in the correct order.
  • Print — Long notes will now be properly split between pages.
  • Print — Fixed some issues that were causing incorrect layout of text.
  • Zoom — Rows pasted while at less than 100% zoom will now be sized properly.
  • Sidebar — The sidebar section list will no longer animate when showing or hiding the style palette.
  • Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur after merging rows.

What is new in version 4.5:

  • Printing only the selected rows
  • Filtering by status
  • Expanding to show all descendants
  • Flattening indentation
  • Expanding all notes
  • Printing column titles
  • Printing row handles
  • Printing alternate row colors
  • Printing other background colors

What is new in version 4.4:

  • Resources — You can now select a folder of your choice (such as an OmniPresence folder) outside of the Sandbox to read in Templates.
  • Resources — The Resource Browser now has a Documents folder under the Recents group.
  • Exports — Row links are now supported for HTML and HTML (Dynamic) exports through the use of anchor tags.
  • Exports (PRO) — MS Word docx exports now converts row links into bookmarks, replicating their functionality.
  • UI — The sidebar color is now based on the whole document color.
  • Attachments — Pasted images will now load when reopening the file if they were saved when running with a non-English localization.
  • Theming — The style theming UI should now correctly select the main Templates section when ran with localizations.
  • Full Screen Mode — Showing and hiding the sidebar while in full screen mode will no longer cause the outline view to permanently shift up beyond the top of the screen each time.
  • Exports — Row background color in HTML and HTML (Dynamic) exports will now correctly fill the note area.
  • Exports — Characters not valid for CSS class names will now stripped from named styles when creating the corresponding CSS class for HTML and HTML (Dynamic).
  • Exports — HTML and HTML (Dynamic) exports should now correctly respect the column header visibility in all situations.
  • Exports — Embedded movie files will now always appear as links in HTML and HTML (Dynamic) exports.
  • Exports — Notes should now be correctly indented for HTML and HTML (Dynamic) exports.
  • Exports — Embedded images should now always properly scale down to column width when required for HTML and HTML (Dynamic).
  • Exports (PRO) — Fixed a UTI conflict for docx.
  • UI — The “Done” button in the audio file popover control will properly adjust size for localized text.
  • UI — Reduced the contrast of the divider line between structural styles and named styles.
  • AppleScript (PRO) — Exporting as “public.plain-text” will once again use the “Plain Text (with tabs)” format.
  • AppleScript (PRO) — Exporting as HTML is once again possible using “com.omnigroup.OmniOutliner.SimpleHTMLExport.HTML” and “com.omnigroup.OmniOutliner.HTMLExport.HTMLDynamic”.

What is new in version 4.3.2:

  • Fixed a crash indenting a row with a pop-up column completion cell showing.
  • Fixed an issue using undo when editing pop-up columns.
  • Fixed a crash with the resource browser.
  • Fixed a crash using the define function on an attachment.
  • Fixed a leak with using in-pane notes view.
  • Removed the tree argument from pbcopy that was not intended to be there.

What is new in version 4.2.3:

  • Fixed an issue with pasting the same attachment file multiple times in the same document.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when changing column types.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when undoing a column type change.
  • Fixed a memory leak with pop-up columns.
  • Fixed a rare crash when showing the attachment popover.

What is new in version 4.2.1:

  • Attachments -- The popup control for attachments will open more reliably.
  • Stability -- Fixed a crash with setting the font name in the Inspector.
  • Stability -- Running AppleScripts from the toolbar when set to text-only will no longer crash.
  • Stability -- Fixed a crash opening the Audio Recording preferences when there were no recording devices.
  • Stability -- Fixed a rare crash with the Resource Browser.
  • Stability -- Other rare crash fixes.

What is new in version 4.1.4:

  • Fonts -- All supported font weights per font family should now be useable when running under OS X Yosemite.
  • Help -- Some minor corrections made to the OmniOutliner help files.

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