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Version: 1.6 updated
Upload Date: 2 May 15
Developer: EB Strada
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 999.00 $
Downloads: 9

Rating: 2.5/5 (Total Votes: 2)

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FormReturn is OMR software (Optical Mark Recognition software) for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Packed with features and easy to use it gives anyone, computer savvy or not, the ability to design printable forms, distribute, capture and automatically grade/analyze handwritten multiple choice response information instantly. All you need is the FormReturn Application (download here), a printer and a document scanner and you will be able to process hundreds of forms within minutes. Think of the time and money you will save.

What is new in this release:

Bug Fixes:

  • Major bug fixed: Fixed font bugs where you could not select bold or italic. Greatly improved the loading of font style information.
  • Removed newline characters from CSV export when an error flag occurs.
  • Fixed a group by filter exclude bug when not including empty records in the export screen.
  • Fixed the default settings for the export area. Clicking the "set as default" button in the export screen should work properly now.
  • Fixed a score aggregation calculation bug when recalculating scores is performed.
  • Fixed a right to left editor issue when showing the edit text dialog.
  • Fixed a null pointer exception when changing pages.


  • Added SANE client support for connecting to Linux SANE scanner servers.
  • Major improvement: Added a blur enhancement to allow images to be scanned with photocopiers - a blur removes speckle.
  • Switched the supplied unicode font to one that has support for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew and many others.
  • Changed the quick guide steps image on the desktop, along with other graphics and icons in the program. Rebranded the program.

What is new in version 1.5:

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed the automatic opening of FormReturn when double clicking on a segment or form file in your desktop or file system. Previously, the files that were clicked on didn't always open once FormReturn was launched.
- Fixed an issue with fonts not reading on Java 7+.
- Fixed a major issue with form files and preferences not saving/reading on Java 8. Upgraded to latest version of xstream to resolve the issue.
- Fixed a null exception with the aggregation rule if the string detected was empty.
- Fixed a server launcher issue with Oracle/OpenJDK java on Mac. Will properly detect the server to launch now when starting.
- Fixed FormReturn Server iconification issue on Mac (minimizes again on start now).
- Removed all database connection detail instances of "localhost" and replaced with This was an issue with some Macs.
- Fixed a bug with the server task scheduler with machines that can't resolve their own hostnames. Was causing the task scheduler not to start.
- Fixed an issue where some licenses were not generating free trial periods because of ProGuard.
- Fixed an issue with the licensing code where BackingStoreException was sometimes causing the licenses to malfunction.
- Fixed a screen resolution issue on some macs. Will now properly go fullscreen on launch.
- Fixed FormReturn Scanner app (mac) launch bug on Oracle/OpenJDK JRE.
- Fixed a bug when closing the program and you click cancel, if a form was open, it will no longer close the form before you select yes.
- Fixed the task scheduler. Will now correctly display the task status and start/stop correctly.
- Fixed the timer for the database and form processor status. Will no longer reset and count when vacuuming the database and closing.
- Fixed the image rotate bar in the reprocessor.
- Many clean-ups in the reprocessor.
- Fixed the memory leak in the reprocessor on OS X by using a non-Apple JRE.
- Fixed code128 barcodes with the value of (anything)1-100 being detected as a segment barcode when they shouldn't. E.g. test001 would previously be seen as a segment barcode.
- Fixed the list of third party licenses in the about dialog.
- Fixed a jpeg file read bug when FormReturn is using OpenJDK.
- Fixed the image upload and folder upload features. Will now show "image uploaded" or "not uploaded" properly.
- Fixed the creation of internal derby procedure "CHECK_INCOMING_IMAGES()" which was occasionally not being created properly and causing wait times for images to get uploaded and processed.
- Fixed a null pointer exception when clicking on a form page that has no image and reprocessing it.


- Added a segment score column. Segment can be individually scored which can be useful for breaking up tests into parts.
- Aggregation rule now has a range function to check if marks are in a range of values.
- Added Gnome Desktop launcher creation to the linux jar installer. This is useful for creating icons in Unity (Ubuntu) where a desktop launcher file is required.
- Rebuilt the build system from Apache Ant to Maven. This enables us to check for the latest versions of third party libraries that FormReturn uses. All third party libraries have now been updated to their latest versions.
- Added a "scanned in order" option for key field publications. This feature requires that all forms are scanned in order of the forms and form pages. The first page must contain a reconciliation key and the subsequent pages for that form don't require a reconciliation key when they normally would. Handy for doing multi-page key field publications.
- Added a new help system with a help icon that goes to the help version of the program version being used. This will help users get help quickly when they are in a complicated part of the program.
- Added a "fill cell" feature to the source data record editor. This allows you to "fill series" or "fill duplicate" once you select an existing cell. This is handy for creating anonymous Form ID publications, where you need to add a field like "form_number" to source data and fill it with values from 1 to 100 (for 100 anonymous forms).
- Added home folder opening functionality. This means you can now go to the "About" dialog in the program and click on "open home folder" to quickly find your database and preferences files.
- Added "recalculate scores" feature to publication settings. This will re-run the aggregation rules for all forms and calculate a new score if any rules have changed.
- Added "capture time" field to the list of fields able to be exported.
- Updated the image reading code to use the latest JAI core. This resolves issues with some tiff images not being able to be read.
- Added "scanned page number" to the list of fields able to be exported.
- Improved the way fonts are read when launching. Will no longer cache fonts if a font is available from the OS directly. This improves memory consumption and vastly improves initial load time of the program.
- Updated to the latest version of Apache Derby.
- Added an "image upload" button to publication settings where you can override the Form ID barcode. If the publication is a Form ID publication, a Form ID recovery dialog will appear where it gives you the option to partially recover Form ID forms if they are scanned in order.
- Added Chinese, Korean and Japanese character support by making it optional to install "Droid Sans Fallback" as the system font rather than "Bitsream Vera Sans". When installing the program, you will be prompted if you want to use this font. You can also select it from the Preferences -> General dialog.
- Changed the design of "publication settings" dialog to include tabs.
- Added grading and xsl-fo template tabs to "publication settings" dialog.
- Added the ability to change the type of key field publication in "publication settings" dialog.
- Removed PDF import feature as it was not very useful. If you want to import a word document, view the tutorial videos on how to do that with a PDF file and Inkscape.
- MAJOR FEATURE: Automatic export task added in the task scheduler of FormReturn Server.
- Removed the JAR export feature because the API has changed and there will be a different API in future versions.
- Added icons to many of the buttons in the program to help users quickly select the correct button.
- MAJOR FEATURE: Added an "image export" feature. This can export all of the scanned images, optionally with an overlay of the marked responses, mark scores and form scores.
- MAJOR FEATURE: The desktop now shows the general process for using the program. You can click on each step to launch the help for these steps, or hide the help on the desktop.
- Added chromium-browser help launcher for linux machines.
- IMPROVEMENT: Changed the grip size on the editor and reprocessor to remain the same when zooming in and out. This means you can zoom out and still change the size of elements on the page easily.
- Changed the stencil tool icon to represent a stencil in the reprocessor.
- Chagned the default stencil that gets added to the first stencil of the form in the reprocessor.
- Added the ability to easily change the stencil in the combo box of the stencil properties on the left of the screen in the reprocessor.
- The Mac installer is now a disk image.
- The Mac app is now a single, self-contained app with everything inside of it.
- The Mac app is codesigned.
- The Mac app includes Oracle Java 8 (8u20) and no longer requires the Apple JRE.
- Added form password and form page ids to the list of exportable fields.
- Added "upload image" and "upload image folder" to both the desktop contextual menu and the applicaiton file menu.
- Added include errors field to turn on or off "!!error!!" results in the exported CSV file.
- Added include timestamp prefix option in the export settings.
- Cleaned up the look of the segment area properties dialog so it is easier to understand. Has some help as well now.
- Updated the bundled windows jre to Oracle Java 8 JRE (8u20).


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