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Version: 13.0.6 updated
Upload Date: 6 Mar 18
Developer: Sonny Software
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 99.00 $
Downloads: 14
Size: 47907 Kb

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Bookends is a full featured and cost-effective bibliography/reference and information management system for students and professionals. With Bookends you can easily import references (information about journal articles, books) from EndNote, and directly search and import from PubMed, the Web of Science, Google Scholar, JSTOR, Amazon, the Library of Congress, and hundreds of other online sources. Use a built-in browser to download references with pdfs or and/or web pages with a click. Automatic searches of PubMed let you discover articles as soon as they are published. Powerful group-based searches, with static, smart, and virtual groups. Live Search lets you further refine searches as you type. Annotate your database with reference cross-linking with defined relationships and comments. Attach any file (such as a pdf) to a reference and view or open it instantly. There are options to automatically download, rename and organize pdf files on-the-fly from the Internet (requires access permission) or from your hard drive. Scan your word processor files and automatically generate finished manuscripts with properly formatted bibliographies. Access the power of Bookends directly from MS Word (including Word 2008), Mellel, and Nisus Writer Pro. Scan Pages '08 and '09 files and OpenOffice 3 files, or RTF files saved from any word processor. Share your references over the Internet with anyone, on any platform (you, but not people who access your databases, must have a broadband connection).

What is new in this release:

Quick Look
Thumbnails of attached files are shown in the single column reference list
Quick Add new references
Improved OpenURL

What is new in version 13.0:

Import references and PDFs with annotations from Papers 3
PDF tabs
The longstanding problem of improper rendering of large PDFs has been resolved
Updated database engine
Double-clicking on a reference opens the lower PDF display pane and, if the reference has a PDF, creates a tab
Bookends remembers PDF scroll positions
Improved format catalogs
Much improved automated PubMed search

What is new in version 12.8.4:

Updated the JSTOR parser to deal with changes made by JSTOR
Updated Google Scholar search to deal with changes made by Google
Fixed a High Sierra incompatibility that prevented Bookends from moving attachments to a default folder subfolder
Bug fixes

What is new in version 12.8.3:

Updated to work with Mellel 4
You'll receive a warning if you are batch-importing too many JSTOR PDFs at once and are temporarily banned as a possible web robot
Updated JSTOR parsing to deal with changes made by JSTOR
Edit attachments when performing a Compare References or a manual Remove Duplicates
Improved URL detection in references retrieved from Google Scholar
Bug fixes

What is new in version 12.8.1:

Major update to the database engine
Modified internal database structure
Bookends will only import one DOI from an online search even if it is present in multiple tags
The menu option: Refs -> First Selected scrolls to the first selected reference

What is new in version 12.8:

Search your library using metatags
Google Books online search
When attaching a PDF, if Bookends finds a JSTOR stable URL on the first page it will offer to import the metadata from JSTOR
More publisher web sites are compatible with automatic downloading of PDFs
Command-Option-drag can now include hypertext links to multiple references at once
If a Type name includes the word "article" Bookends will treat the Volume fields as it does for periodical publications.
The Find dialog (Command-F) has a Reset button
Bug fixes

What is new in version 12.7.9:

Introducing hierarchical metatags, including keywords, in the tag cloud
mproved PDF annotation handling in macOS 10.12 (Sierra)
Added = as a possible superscript metacharacter
Newly imported references will be shown immediately when a smart group is selected and the references belong to that group
Bookends will warn you if you try to add or edit a file tag in a locked PDF

What is new in version 12.7.8:

Implemented a workaround for a scanning bug in Microsoft Word 2016 15.28 and later
Styled text in abstracts and notes is shown in the Summary view
Autofill From Internet can use JSTOR if the reference has a stable JSTOR URL
Unchecking an automated PubMed search in the Import Filters Manager clears the search history
Optimizations in the import filter format

What is new in version 12.7.7:

Greatly expanded sources from which you can Autocomplete Paper
Created workarounds for PDFKit bugs in Sierra 10.12.2 that crashed Bookends
Updated the automated PubMed search to work around changes made by NCBI
The setting for automatically renaming a PDF when Autocomplete Paper is remembered between launches Import books from PubMed
Bookends will treat .nbib files exported from PubMed as text files when you try to import the references
Bug fixes

What is new in version 12.7.6:

Autocomplete Paper from Google Scholar offers the first 10 matches it finds: Google Scholar no longer allows 20.
Several changes made in Online Search and Autocomplete Paper using Google Scholar to deal with multiple changes made by Google.
All names of all formats, filters, and glossaries we ship will include the corresponding file extension (.fmt, .fltr, .gloss)

What is new in version 12.7.5:

New file structure for preferences

What is new in version 12.7.2:

The way that format files are created, used, and saved has been entirely rewritten
Swap the position of half-width fields in the reference edit pane
When importing directly from EndNote, Bookends will ensure that attachment names are unique
Changing the reference sort status in preferences will be reflected immediately in the library window
If the path to the custom folders becomes invalid, Bookends will revert to the default location
Bug fixes

What is new in version 12.7.1:

Improvements to Database Maintenance -> Rebuild and Repair
Integration with Manuscripts
Improved AppleEvent support
Online Search has been upgraded to use the HTML/1.1 protocol
The boolean setting (AND/OR) for how to combine search results when multiple are selected is remembered between launches
Bookends can use a DOI in any field to find the reference online
Improved single column reference list
Italics in book titles will toggle to plain text if the format calls for the field to be italicized
The extension .ris will be added to a file exported as plain text using the RIS format
Improved detection of keywords when importing from PubMed via Online Search
Bug fixes

What is new in version 12.7:

Sync reference libraries via the cloud
Sync new or edited formats, import filters, and journal glossaries in the cloud
The old mechanism for syncing Bookends databases has been removed
Refactored DOI detection in Bookends Browser
Improved DOI detection in PDFs
Display author first names as initials in the reference list

What is new in version 12.6.5:

  • Improvements in the ability and speed of Bookends to resolve DOIs
  • Improved Watch Folder that can be used by multiple users
  • Add multiple PDF tags at once
  • Importing from Google Scholar will work when you have set the language (in Google Scholar) to something other than English
  • Enhancements to the manual remove duplicates window
  • Add references and attachments to a library via an AppleScript
  • New import filter file format
  • Bug fixes

What is new in version 12.5.4:

- Integrated PDF tags
- Consolidate attachments
- PubMed improvements
- Greatly decreased the time needed to save very large note streams
- Bookends will ensure that new database file names end with the extension ".bdb"
- Added citenum as a recognizable citation delimiter for BibTeX scans
- Updated parser for importing existing bibliographies to deal with changes made by CrossRef
- Bug fixes

What is new in version 12.5.3:

- Bookends 12.5.3 is compatible with Yosemite 10.10.3
- Display or hide the Notes field in the main tab of the reference edit pane/window
- Add attachments when using the standalone reference window
- Better migration of references from Sente to Bookends
- Changes to navigation in the reference list
- Combine cited pages and a header in the same notecard
- When editing a notecard, pressing Enter will close the field and save the changes
- Bug fixes

What is new in version 12.5.1:

  • Open an attached PDF in your default PDF viewing application by clicking on the paper clip If you have more than one PDF, right-click on the paper clip and choose from the attachments in the hierarchical list.
  • Improved recognition of pdf attachments in Zotero exports
  • Fixed a bug on retina Macs where dragging a reference over a static group would cause an error. Fixed a bug where the list of groups was truncated. Fixed a bug where Bookends Sync settings weren't being saved. Fixed a cosmetic issue with the Automated Search window, and a problem where a reference could be imported into the wrong library if more than one was open. Fixed a cosmetic bug in drawing the numbers of items in a folder in the Groups pane. Fixed several issues that could cause scanning and unscanning of Word and NWP files to fail. Fixed a cosmetic issue with toolbar icons and labels when resizing the window. Fixed a bug where editing a field in the enlarged view would increase the font size by 2 points. Fixed a problem where opening very long notes in the Notes pane could take a long time. Fixed a bug where the | delimiter wasn't recognized when scanning. Fixed an error that was reported with doing a Global Change -> Change Reference Type. Fixed a bug that prevented renaming of smart groups. Fixed a bug in Subject Bibliography that prevented the use of groups. Fixed a bug where an incorrect DOI could be returned from a PDF that does not contain a DOI.

What is new in version 12.5:

- New icons for the application and library files, and an updated user interface
- Merge or replace multiple Terms at once
- Show live linked references in the concise view
- Open any browser web page or PDF in Bookends Browser
- The functions that scan Word and RTF files and for handle groups have been entirely rewritten
- Omit names from final citation is improved
- Pressing Escape while editing a notecard or the concise view no longer closes the edit field and discards edits
- If you close the library but leave Bookends running, Bookends will open that library again automatically if you click on its icon in the dock
- The Import Filter Manager and Journal Glossary windows now have a File -> Save menu (Command-S)
- References found with a search of Google Scholar that have DOIs matching references in your library will be highlighted in yellow
- The list of saved searches in the Online Search window can be sorted by name or date of last search by clicking on the corresponding column header
- The full title will not be substituted for an empty short title in a conditional group
- Add URL to bookmarks
- Updated JSTOR online search and the search in Bookends Browser to deal with many changes made by JSTOR
- Updated Google Scholar search and autocomplete to deal with changes made by Google
- On launch, Bookends won't automatically open a library that was moved to the Trash
- If Bookends has to use CrossRef to validate DOIs, Bookends Browser will show up to 10 references found by the DOI data detector on a single page
- Bug fixes

What is new in version 12.2.4:

- A more appropriate error message will be shown if you use the watch folder to import more than 50 references when running in demo mode

- You can't annotate or markup a locked PDF in the annotated pdf viewer
A small lock icon will appear in the PDF display toolbar to tell you that the PDF is locked. In this case you cannot add a note, comment, highlight, or underline to the PDF. You can make an unlocked copy of the PDF in Preview or Acrobat and attach that if you want an editable copy.

- Updated Bookends Browser to deal with changes made by ScienceDirect and the American Chemical Society

- Updated CrossRef parser so that titles that contain colons will be imported in their entirety

- Removed keyboard shortcut for Fonts -> Show Colors
It conflicted with the shortcut for Autocomplete Paper.

- Improved the identification of PDF highlighted text for display in the note stream

- If a temp citation consists of only literal text (e.g. is between backslashes), that text will be output in the final citation as if it were a reference
Note that you will get unpredictable results if this is used with a format that outputs numbers rather than text for final citations.

- Duplicate references without attachments
This option in the Refs menu lets you make a duplicate reference that is identical to the original except that it will not have any attachments.

- The relative widths of the Abstract and Keywords (or Notes) field in the editable reference pane are remembered between launches

- Output attachment full path names in a formatted reference
This may be useful when outputting reference metadata in formats such as RIS or EndNote (Refer) that are intended for import into other reference managers. The symbol is m, and multiple attachments will be separated by returns.

- Modified the CrossRef importer to correctly deal with DOIs and URLs
This was broken because of changes made by CrossRef.

- Bug fixes
Fixed a bug that could cause text to be output in tiny sizes when metatypes were used. Fixed a crash that could occur when importing and attaching a PDF based on its DOI. Fixed a problem where right-clicking to remove styles from a reference field would cause the text to be deleted if had not first been automatically saved. Fixed a bug in the Online Search window where the Search button could be mistakenly disabled. Fixed a case where an error would be thrown if a word whose case was not to be changed contained an open but not a closed bracket. Fixed a bug where two open parentheses were output for citations by number where there was quoted text between backslashes at the beginning of the temporary citation. Fixed a bug in scanning .odt files where the * metacharacter in a temp citation resulted in the output of only the year for Author-Date formats. Fixed an error message that could be thrown if an attachment has an illegal file name. Fixed a bug that interfered with the setting of ratings with a click if they were in the first column of the reference list. Fixed a bug that caused an error to be thrown if you imported a PDF to an empty reference when a static group was selected in the library window. Fixed a bug in the hierarchical menu that appeared when you right-clicked on a URL field that had more than one URL. The paper clip attachment icons now appear correctly on Retina displays. EndNote XML references for web pages are now correctly imported as type Internet.


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