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PaperCut NG
Software Details:
Version: 17.0.5 updated
Upload Date: 31 Mar 17
Developer: PaperCut Software
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 450.00 $
Downloads: 48
Size: 275805 Kb

Rating: 4.3/5 (Total Votes: 6)

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PaperCut NG for Mac is a print quota, charging, logging and monitoring tool designed for print management on multi-user networks. The software has been in use to manage printing in Windows environments since 1999 and this is PaperCut Software's first Mac release. The software works by integrating via CUPS and supports advanced feature such as popup client, share accounts, print job filtering based on document attributes, LDAP integration, and release station for secure printing.

What is new in this release:

  • Fixed an error when clicking on Users / Groups > Bulk user actions.
  • Print Archiving: Fixed an issue causing the preview to be unavailable when using some PCL6 drivers (since 17.0.2).

What is new in version 16.4.39159:


  • Prevent jobs from being released to a printer reporting an error: Fast release devices now support blocking the release of jobs to printers in error.
  • New config key added to improve accuracy of hardware page count validation, printer error reporting, and blocking the release of jobs to printers in error on devices which return SNMP data in a different order.


  • Improved performance when bulk deleting users.
  • Fixed an issue where modifications to the user job log details weren't updating all relevant statistics.
  • CUPS with IPPS or HTTPS: Fixed an issue preventing printer details, (such as toner levels, serial number, and type/model) from being reported.
  • Page Analysis: Improved performance when analyzing XPS jobs.
  • Page Analysis: Improved page analysis on some models of Epson ESC/Page printers.
  • Kyocera ECOSYS "M" models: Added support for hardware page count validation.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Release Managers from seeing jobs waiting for release in a Release Station.
  • Added IPv6 support in the PaperCut Port Monitor.
  • Release Station APIs have been upgraded to Version 3. Version 2 is still supported for backward compatibility.
  • PDL transforms on Windows print servers: Fixed a rare issue causing PaperCut to become unresponsive when jobs with PDL transforms are sent to a virtual queue.

What is new in version 16.4.38875:


  • Email to Print: Added a replacement marker (%location%) to display the printer location in notification emails. This makes it easier for users in your organisation to find the printers to which they printed.


  • Improved scalability by reducing the load on the Application Server when running many secondary print servers.
  • Modifications to the global print statistics and user print statistics via the job log details, are now reflected on the Environmental Dashboard, User List screen, and Dashboard System Status Total pages count.
  • The [app-path] file can now accept a comma-separated list of IP addresses that can connect to the Application Server. These values can include a submask.
  • Canon UFR-II printers: Fixed an occasional inaccurate page count for duplex collated multi-copy jobs with an odd number of pages.

For Integrators:

  • Release Station API:Job attribute properties (copies, grayscale, duplex) have been added to getHeldJobs2

Other Notes:

  • This release does NOT contain a database upgrade.

What is new in version 15.2.33771:

  • Fixed minor form auto-completion issue for Web Print users using Safari.
  • Improved the readability of the Environmental Dashboard 'Pin to Start' message for Windows 8.1 users.
  • Improved handling of GCP's automatically generated, very long job titles when printed on CUPS printers.
  • Resolved an issue for some customers running v15.1 which prevented their custom logos and color schemes being applied.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented previously assigned secondary email addresses to be assigned to new users.
  • Improved color detection for Canon UFR II printer language.
  • Fixed an inconsistency in the Total Pages Printed value on the Executive Summary Report.
  • Fixed an issue for Site Server customers running 15.1 build where changed user attributes were not being synced.
  • Fixed a rare issue that prevented some customer's licenses being applied to the PaperCut server.
  • Fixed a problem for customers with forced SSL connections from Application Server to Microsoft SQL Server failing to connect to the database.
  • Improved handling in the PaperCut Print Provider for Windows print servers with very large numbers of queues (over 1900).
  • Fixed a rare issue in PCL6 page level color detection when spool files are truncated.

What is new in version 15.2.33665:

New Features:

  • Modern Operating System ready: PaperCut has been adapted and is ready for the next wave of Operating Systems including:
    • Windows 10
    • Mac OS X El Capitan
    • Modern GNU/Linux distributions using systemd
  • Site Server: In the event of network outages, print queues and MFDs can utilize a Site Server to deliver business continuity including support for Print Release and Find-Me Printing. Introduced in 15.0 under the Early Access Program, 15.2 now includes a single Site Server license as standard.
  • Printer Group Management: New controls for the improved usability of printer groups, including assignment of printers to groups, as well as filters and reports.


  • Desktop Client screen now supports customizable text when configured for ID/PIN login.
  • Customers that have opted to hide card numbers in their system settings will no longer see these numbers in any reports.
  • Added a new configuration option to handle separator pages in conjunction with hardware page count validation.
  • Enhanced security of User Web UI to defend against emerging scripting attacks.
  • Web Print: Added support for Adobe Reader DC.
  • Added Hardware Page Count validation for OKI devices.


  • Google Cloud Print:
    • Additional paper size support for printers deployed via PaperCut.
    • Fixed a stability issue for GCP and Email to Print users when the user record contains an un-contactable email address.
  • Page analysis:
    • Improved page counting for HP printers using HPGL drivers.
    • Improved handling of blank pages for printers using Konica Minolta PCL6 drivers.
    • Improved counting of print jobs containing multiple copies when using Ricoh RPCS drivers.
  • Print Groups: Fixed an issue when using Print Groups on the "Group - print/scan/copy/fax - breakdown" report which would previously fail to run.
  • Payment Gateways: Fixed an issue that may have prevented users from accessing Moneris, Authorize.Net and Barclaycard payment gateways.
  • Environmental Dashboard: Improved handling of large numerical values in the environmental dashboard.
  • Reports: Fix minor alignment issues in the Executive Summary report.
  • Added additional translation support for App Log entries.
  • Fixed an issue for customers using PDL transforms on Mac servers which may result in transformed jobs not printing.
  • Fixed a rare issue on SQL Server installations in multi-byte encoding locales (e.g. Japan) which may have caused logging issues.
  • Microsoft Print to PDF virtual printer has been added to the ignored printers list.
  • Fixed a rare issue causing a customer's new license reverting to their old license some time after uploading to their installation.

Other Notes:

  • This release contains a database upgrade.

What is new in version 15.1.33291:


  • Fixed an issue with the pre-upgrade database backup that affected some customers.
  • Fixed an issue with deletion of users during a user/group sync.

Other Notes:

  • This release does NOT contain a database upgrade.

What is new in version 15.0.33106:

  • Email Printing: Fixed a problem that stopped printing in the event of a network connection issue with the mail server.
  • Google Cloud Print: Fixed an issue preventing jobs being printed when using a Linux or Mac print server.
  • Executive Summary Report: Fixed an incorrectly worded label in the "Top Users" section.
  • Fixed an issue in bulk user actions if usernames are entered containing underscores. These would be treated as a single character wildcard.
  • Prevent users from accessing the user shared account page if not enabled for them.
  • Fixed a potential problem upgrading to 15.0 from builds prior to 13.3.
  • Fixed some issues with Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil) translations.

What is new in version 15.0.32334:

New Features:

  • New Optional Component - Site Server: Customers with multi-site deployments often consider printing redundancy and resilience as a high priority. In the event of network outages, print queues and MFDs can now utilize a Site Server to deliver business continuity including support for Print Release and Find-Me Printing. All this can be achieved without losing the benefits of central administration.

    The Site Server is the first major server component added to PaperCut since secondary print server support in 2006. It is the culmination of 6 months development and system re-architecture. Not just intended for multi-site organizations, the Site Server also can be used to add redundancy in private cloud setups, or isolate areas of a local network to improve resilience.

  • A New Look: Not technically new functionality, but customers will notice something a little different! Changes to the logo and PaperCut 'green' touch every part of the product.


  • PaperCut's Global Print Driver now supports deployment to 32-bit workstations from 64-bit servers.
  • Simplified the conversion to PaperCut MF from PaperCut NG. The installer now automatically upgrades and imports all your data and settings.
  • Learn more about tracking copy, scan and fax from the new "Devices" tab in PaperCut NG.
  • Scalability improvements:
    • Performance improvements for sites running a very large number of secondary print servers.
    • Reduced the load the desktop clients have on the server when the PaperCut Server is re-started.
  • When performing delegated print release, the original owner's username is now visible.
  • Security:
    • User PINs are stored in the database in encrypted form.
    • Resolved a low-level XSS security risk in a third-party JavaScript library.
    • Changes to the network API used by the user client to minimize information leaks.
    • Added the ability to restrict an admin's access to assigned printer groups (including printers and print logs). This enhances support for multi-tenancy.
  • Novell iPrint: If the PaperCut Print Provider is installed on a workstation, it is now able to determine which queues on a workstation are direct queues (and track them), and which queues are iPrint server-hosted queues (and ignore them).
  • RBS WorldPay Payment Gateway: It is now possible to specify a merchant code to uniquely identify PaperCut transactions.
  • Advanced PDL transform: Added an "inline copies" command to PDL transform language to create a multiple-copies effect.
  • SSO:
    • Added support to disable SSO for mobile users without affecting desktop users.
    • When using the SSO confirmation page, users now have an option to change the detected language.
  • Quick find has been enhanced to search for printers by Alternate ID.


  • Mobile and BYOD Improvements:Google Cloud Print:
    • Fixed an issue where a printer could not be published to the cloud if its location field was empty.
    • Improved stability upon loss of connection to Google cloud server.
    Email to Print and Google Cloud Print:
    • Resolved an issue causing Email to Print or Google Cloud Print to fail if a job from either of these services was in a partially spooled state during an Application Server restart.
    Web Print:
    • Fixed a problem for Web Print users with account selection option "Charge personal account (and allocate to shared account for reporting)" not having their jobs charged accordingly.
  • User Client:
    • Fixed a case where client notifications weren't delivered to users in a remote desktop environment.
    • Fixed the display of cost adjustments in the Advanced User Client when the locale uses a comma (,) as the decimal separator.
  • Global Print Driver and Advanced PDL Transform:
    • Fixed a problem with transform scripts without an empty line at the end.
    • The Global Print Driver now supports Konica Minolta SeriesPS printers.
  • Username Aliasing:
    • Fixed issues arising from user aliases that were not lower case.
    • Fixed an issue which caused batch import of username aliases to fail.
    • Fixed a problem that could cause high number of database connections to be used when username aliasing is enabled and there are many user client connections.
  • Admin UI:
    • Fixed a problem where it was not possible to copy settings to a virtual print queue.
    • Fixed an issue that would occasionally see $0.00 transactions written to a user account after saving changes to their record.
  • Pay Station (pay and release mode): Fixed an issue that may have prevented users releasing their jobs via the "Print All" button.
  • Reports:
    • Fixed an issue that would result in the Executive Summary report graphs displaying a "flat line" after a system time change.
    • Fixed an issue that may have prevented "Job Type" filter from working in some reports.
  • Shared Accounts:
    • Application will no longer automatically import empty shared account files resulting in the loss of all shared accounts.
    • PINs set to Sub Accounts via the API and server-command now correctly inherit the Parent Account PIN.
  • Non-ASCII Character Support:
    • Added support for non-ASCII characters in the Windows server-command tool.
    • Web Services API: Fixed an issue which caused corruption of non-ASCII characters.
  • Fixed an issue which may have prevented user login or trigger random logout when using "internal users".
  • Find-Me Printing: Improved the usability for Find-Me Printing customers using Hardware Page Count Validation. Automatic refund costs can now be based on either the virtual queue costs, or the destination (physical queue) costs.
  • Fixed a potential Application Server performance issue due to invalid SNMP responses returned from some printers (such as Evolis card printers).
  • Improved database connection management for customers using username aliasing and user clients.

Printer Compatibility Improvements:

  • In print jobs with multiple page sizes, PaperCut will now report the largest page size. Earlier versions of PaperCut reported the last page size set.
  • Riso:
    • Improved Riso page analysis.
    • No longer charge for "print later" jobs.
    • Improve paper size detection.
    • Now handle a wider range of printer models.
  • HP: Improved grayscale detection for HP PostScript printer driver.
  • Kyocera:
    • Made duplex settings for Google Cloud Print jobs more reliable when printing to Kyocera printers on Windows print servers.
    • Improved page level color detection for Kyocera PostScript printers.
  • Fuji Xerox:
    • Improved grayscale conversion filter for FX ApeosPort PCL6 printer drivers.
    • Improved page size detection on FX PostScript printers.
    • Improved page counting for 2-up printing on Japanese DocuColor and DocuPrint PostScript printers.
  • Canon:
    • Improvements to grayscale and duplex conversion filters for Canon PCL6 print drivers.
    • Improved page counting for Canon LBP 9520.
    • Improved grayscale conversion filter for Canon PCL6 printer drivers.
  • Epson: Improved page size detection for Epson LP range of printers.
  • OKI: Fixed grayscale conversion filter issue on OKI PCL5 that resulted in garbled characters to appear.
  • Toshiba: Improved Hardware Page Count validation for Toshiba devices where jobs are suspended (not failed).
  • Novell iPrint: Ignore the temporary "iPrintUpload" printers created by the iPrint Windows client.

Other Notes:

  • Linux distributions (e.g. RHEL 5, Debian 5, Ubuntu 9, SLES 10) as Application Servers are now in end-of-life phase. Please see the End-of-Life policy.
  • Mac OS X 10.7 servers are now in end-of-life phase. Please see the End-of-Life policy.
  • This release is not compatible with earlier versions of the Payment Gateway module. Customers using a Payment Gateway must upgrade to the latest version.
  • This release does NOT contain a database upgrade.

What is new in version 14.3.30457:

Fixed an issue which stopped the Find-me jobs from printing when using the PaperCut Global Driver with some printers (since 14.3.30238).

What is new in version 14.3.29819:

  • Accessibility for people with disability
  • Easy Guest Printing from mobile devices
  • Cross vendor printing with Global Print Driver
  • Username alias sync made easy
  • Environmentally friendly Toshiba Eraser RD30
  • Offline mode


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