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Version: 12.1 updated
Upload Date: 6 Mar 18
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 49.99 $
Downloads: 29
Size: 13920 Kb

Rating: 3.5/5 (Total Votes: 4)

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BBEdit is a high-performance HTML and text editor for the Macintosh. It is designed and crafted for the editing, searching, transformation, and manipulation of text. BBEdit provides an array of general-purpose features which are useful for a wide variety of tasks, and includes many features which have been specifically developed in response to the needs of Web authors and software developers.

What is new in this release:

  • In order to work around a crash in the OS (Radar 35052088), BBEdit will no longer submit recently opened items to the system-wide "Recent Items" list that appears on the Apple and Dock menus. We regret any inconvenience this may cause, and hope that it is strictly temporary.
  • Fixed bug in which menu items indicated by searching for them using the Help search box would be disabled in situations where they shouldn't have been.
  • Fixed bug in which the "Update" scripting event would return an error.
  • BBEdit now writes out temporary files for live preview windows with 644 permissions, so that other processes (such as Apache) can read the file if necessary.
  • Fixed a bug in which a request from the command line (or elsewhere) to open an sftp URL without a username (or password) would return a -50 error.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the SFTP client listing code.
  • Fixed bug in which twisting open an item in the FTP/SFTP browser would not always show its contents.
  • Fixed a collection of bugs that conspired to slow down SFTP operations, particularly the initial connection to the remote server.

What is new in version 12.0.1:

  • Fixed the probable cause of a crash that was reported while running on 10.13.

  • Fixed a typo in the About box credits.

  • Fixed a crash which could sporadically occur when closing a Differences window after a compare operation that involved creating one or more temporary files (such as "Compare Revisions").

  • Multi-file search and text factory file filtering will now check a file's name first, to see whether it maps to a known language (in the Languages settings). If so it's assumed to be a text file without any further testing. This allows searching of text files whose filename extensions would otherwise map them to non-text file types, such as SVG.

  • .svg is now added as a factory default mapping to XML.

  • Fixed a case in which accessing the selection property of the application via AppleScript would not work if the application was in the background (and possibly on other occasions).

  • Fixed bug in which attempting to open a file from an FTP (not SFTP) server would report a -43 error.

  • Fixed a bug in which a couple of the options on the "Heading" HTML palette button menu would insert the wrong heading level.

  • Fixed a bug in which keyboard focus in the Markup Builder panel was not placed in the first attribute value in situations when it should have been.

  • Fixed bug in which setting the display font in language-specific preferences wasn't possible.

  • The FullScreenWindowsHogScreen and FullScreenWidthThreshold expert preferences have been restored to working order.

  • Fixed a bug in which changing a color in the Text Colors preferences after changing another color which caused a switch away from the selected color scheme would cause unrelated colors (including the one changed previously) to return to factory defaults.

  • Put in a change to guard against spurious "preference changed" notifications which have been observed on macOS 10.13.

  • Made a change so that if Git support is turned off (by turning off the Git menu) or if the Git branch status navigation bar item is turned off (in the Appearance preferences), we won't spend any time checking the SCM status of the active document in order to determine whether the Git branch status should be visible.

  • Fixed bug in which commands from the Markers navigation bar menu were executed twice, which in some cases was noticeable and undesirable.

  • Fixed bug in which existing keyboard equivalents for external items (clippings, scripts, etc) were not loaded. (The settings were still there, just not used.)

  • Made a change to the bbedit command-line tool to work around a bug in the OS (34995106) which causes unwanted logging output to the Terminal window in cases where the application starts as a result of using the tool.

  • Fixed a bug in which switched-off actions in a Text Factory were executed anyway.

  • Fixed bug in which percent-escaped characters in txmt: URLs were not decoded when they should have been.

  • Made a change so that startup items and system framework enumeration no longer query git-ignore, which improves performance and may work around a crash in the OS.

  • Fixed bug in which items within Zip archives were not filtered correctly during multi-file search/text factory processing, and so would be searched and/or processed in spite of a filter that would have excluded them. (Note that not all types of filtering are possible on items in Zip archives, but name-based filtering ought to work, and now does.)

  • Fixed a bug in which image drawing was not always aligned correctly to pixel boundaries, which would occasionally lead to fuzzy icon rendering, particularly on non-Retina displays.

  • Made a change to improve stability in situations that involve determining whether a given file location is within a Git or Subversion working copy.

  • Fixed bug in which BBEdit was supposed to studiously ignore /usr/bin/ctags, but in default OS installs it did not. The end result was that the system would prompt the user to install ctags at odd times, typically during automatic completion.

  • Fixed a case in which BBEdit would make an unwanted untitled document when starting the application up, even though there were already documents (about to be) opened, so that it would be unnecessary.

  • Fixed a class of bugs in which the application could crash after closing the Preferences window when running on macOS 10.11.

  • Made a change to significantly improve performance when multi-file searching inside of Zip archives with a file filter in use.

  • Changed the default keyboard focus in "save changes before closing" panels from "Save" to "Cancel", so that an inadvertent press of the Space bar doesn't perform a potentially unwanted save when Full Keyboard Access is turned on. (Command-D and Command-Delete[backspace] are functional for "Don't Save".)

What is new in version 12.0:

  • There's a new preference pane: "Completion". This contains the settings for text completion that used to be in the Editing preferences, and adds a setting for automatic insertion of delimiters (parens, brackets, single and double quotes, as well as any language-specific elements).

    The setting "Surround selected text when typing matching delimiters" allows you to control whether typing an opening delimiter will surround the selection range. This is independent from whether delimiters are auto-paired when typing an opening delimiter with no text selected.

  • There is a new command on the Edit menu: "Paste Using Filter". Under this item are text filters from your "Text Filters" application support folder. Choosing a filter will process the text on the Clipboard through the selected filter before inserting it in your document.

    You can paste using the most recently used filter using the appropriate command on the "Paste" submenu of the Edit menu. This latter command can also have a keyboard equivalent for quicker access.

What is new in version 11.6.8:

  • Fixed a bug in which the application would incorrectly warn you about modification date changes when saving changes to existing documents on APFS volumes while running on macOS High Sierra (10.13).

  • Fixed bug in which using the "Capitalize Lines" change case operation would behave strangely on lines that did not begin with a word character.

  • Fixed bug in which the default browser preview command on the Markup menu wasn't correctly populated and enabled until a browser had been chosen from the "Preview In" submenu.

  • Fixed bug in which clicking on a file-relative link in a live preview window would attempt to open the URL in the browser using the internal custom URL scheme, which would always fail.

  • Fixed a bug in the YAML language module relating to the the detection, syntax coloring, and folding of Block Scalars (prefixed with a vertical pipe) where the block starts with a blank line.

What is new in version 11.6.7:

  • Fixed a bug in which clicking the "OK" button in the "Text Options" dialog box would fail to accept any changes in the character width for Soft Wrap Text.

  • Added read and until to the Unix Shell Script keyword list.

  • Fixed a bug in which the Perl syntax coloring scanner would get confused by backslash references appearing before the opening quote of a string.

  • Fixed crash which would occur when closing a multi-file Differences results window after having viewed a number of differing file pairs.

  • Fixed a crash which would occur when rapidly switching between files in a multi-file Differences window, and the first difference was a "nonmatching lines" difference which required more than a trivial amount of time to compute.

  • Added @available and __builtin_available to the C-family language keyword lists.

  • Added nonnull and returns_nonnull to the C-family language keyword lists.

  • When running on 10.13, the application no longer attempts to use the built-in "Consolas for BBEdit" font, because the OS won't load it and instead defaults to some proportional monstrosity. (If you are finding that this happens anyway, go to the "Editor Defaults" preferences and use the "Restore Defaults" button.)

What is new in version 11.6.6:

  • Multi-line PHP arrays now get fold indicators when appropriate.

  • PHP function return type hints will no longer confuse the function scanner.

  • Fixed a bug in which errors returned by the Unix script invoked from a "Run Unix Script" text factory action (whew) would usually crash the application.

  • Worked around a crash which would occur when starting up after an OS update or reinstall damaged certain system-wide components.

  • Fixed bug in which the desired default formatting for video tags was not applied by the "Pretty Print" formatting option.

  • Made a change to work around an OS performance problem that would slow application startup in some situations.

  • Fixed a bug in which the "Open File in BBEdit" service would inappropriately refuse to do so.

  • Made a change so that Live Search usage and "Find Next Occurrence of <selected text>" no longer alter the "Case sensitive" or "Entire word" settings in the Find window.

  • Made a change to improve error reporting in cases where a codeless language module is structurally malformed in a way that prevents it from loading (i.e. a plist with a syntax error).

  • When a managed license is in use, the "License" menu command is now hidden.

  • Fixed bug in which "Open Counterpart" wouldn't correctly switch between multiple eligible files in some situations.

  • PHP superglobal names are now colored using the "predefined symbols" color.

  • Fixed a crash which would occur when closing a document that was being used solely by a Differences window. (This would usually happen when the document was open separately in the front window, and then "Close All Documents" was done.)

What is new in version 11.6.5:

  • The "Menus & Shortcuts" preferences pane has two new buttons. "Simple Menus" will simplify the menu structure by hiding the "advanced" menu commands (the ones that go along with a full BBEdit license and which are also available during the evaluation period). The result is a menu structure that is very similar to TextWrangler's.

    The "Full Menus" button undoes the work of Simple Menus, by making all menus and commands visible (even ones that might have previously been manually hidden).

    Both operations leave your keyboard equivalents intact.

    The "Restore Defaults" button, as before, will reset all keyboard equivalents to factory defaults, and will make all menus and items visible.

What is new in version 11.6.4:


  • This release contains no new features or changes.


  • Fixed case in which a "this input will give your worksheet heartburn" error was reported for input which would not actually cause any problems.

  • Restored the "search string" scripting property of the Open File by Name window to working order.

  • Fixed crash which would occur when (or after) closing a Differences window.

  • Fixed a bug in which some editor settings were not properly applied when opening an existing document.

  • Restored case transformations in Grep replace patterns to working order, by backing out the previous fix (which caused more problems than it solved, as it turns out).

  • Fixed bug in which explicit EditorConfig keys for trim_trailing_whitespace and insert_final_newline did not override the global or language-specific user preferences.

  • Fixed bug in which the Text Options navigation bar item would operate on the wrong text view in Differences windows, unless you clicked in the desired view before using it.

  • Fixed the cause of a rare crash at startup.

  • Fixed a bug in which differences in the last line of two compared files would be ignored when "Ignore Blank Lines" was turned on and the final line in either file did not end with a line break.

  • Added "ts" as a default extension mapping for the JavaScript language module, so that Microsoft TypeScript files are recognized as text documents.

  • Updated the copyright year.

  • Made a change to quiet a (harmless) system console message at startup.

  • Fixed crash which would occur occasionally when performing operations which rapidly switched between different documents in the same window (such as navigating through a lot of different files in a search results window).

  • Fixed bug in which the Zip archive reader would leak memory, which posed a problem when processing a large quantity of Zip archives (during multi-file search or text factory application).

  • The "Clear History" command on the Open Recent menu will now ask the OS to clear its own history as well, which should in turn remove recent items from the application's Dock menu.

  • Fixed a bug in which processing very large files with a text factory would cause the application to run out of memory in cases where one or more of the operations took a very long time.

What is new in version 11.6.3:


  • This release contains no new features.


  • In project views, you can now resize the Currently Open Documents section by dragging the section header. (A single click will still expand/collapse it.) This provides improved usability over the previous state of affairs.


  • Fixed a bug in which URL-unsafe characters in a document's location would light a fuse that resulted in drawing glitches while reshaping the document's window, and an eventual crash when closing the document or quitting the application.

  • Fixed bug in which case transformations in Grep replacement patterns (U, L, and so forth) would not perform the correct transformations on non-ASCII characters.

  • Fixed bug in which contextual menu commands were not shown for sidebar items after the end of the evaluation period.

  • Content in PHP in HTML documents can once again be spell-checked.

  • Fixed a bug in which single clicks would occasionally (and unintentionally) act as though a drag were being started.

  • Fixed bug in which the path popup in the navigation bar didn't resize correctly when saving an untitled document or moving an existing document to a new location.

  • Made a change so that the Live Search box text field is only created if needed, rather than when the window is made. This resolves a delay at startup that occurs in certain pathological environments due to a performance bug in the OS.

  • Made a change to Open File by Name searching so that exact matches for the entered file name are always included, even in very large search spaces, rather than being lost due to restrictions on the maximum number of search results.

  • Fixed bug in which partial paths with trailing slashes entered into the "Open File by Name" window did not show files whose paths would have partially matched the directory path that was entered.

  • The results window for a multi-file replace now includes the total number of replacements (across all files) in the summary description.

  • Fixed a crash which could occur when opening items from an SFTP browser.

  • "Previous Conflict" and "Next Conflict" now wrap around (if necessary).

  • Fixed bug in which the Document Status navigation bar item was not visible in Differences windows when it should have been.

  • Fixed a bug in which the Open File by Name search box would reset when the data source was a folder that changed while the Open File by Name window was open.

  • Fixed bug in which anything other than basic state data (markers, selection ranges, and folds) wasn't saved correctly when using the expert preference to store state in a file's "resource fork" (implemented today as extended attributes).

  • Worked around Radar 28523085, in which the headers of scrolling lists used in various palettes and sheets would draw incorrectly while scrolling.

  • Added a plural form for shell document to the scripting dictionary.

  • Recent versions of Cyberduck no longer conform to the "ODB Editor" protocol for providing necessary information when using its "Edit" command. The file's remote location is now derived by other means in this case (when possible).

  • Fixed bug in which the function menu and document icon items in a Differences window's navigation bar would sometimes show information for the wrong document in the window.

  • Fixed a bug in which modifier changes during text drag-to-select could cause unexpected selection behavior.

  • Made a change to fix the cause of a spurious crash at startup on macOS 10.12.

  • Made a change to improve typing performance by eliminating the maintenance work done for keyboard-equivalent matching in menus for which there are no configurable keyboard equivalents.

  • Fixed crash which would occur when trying to change the keyboard equivalent for a script or clipping item in the Menus & Shortcuts preferences.

  • Worked around Radar 29001343, in which using one of the print dialogs on macOS Sierra would leave the application in such a state that attempting to bring up a modal sheet would typically do nothing except beep.

  • - Markdown previewing better handles github-style fenced codeblocks that don't specify their language.

  • Fixed a bug in the Ruby color scanner in which it would get very upset if a heredoc was not closed before the end of the file.

  • Made a change to the "Open Selection" behavior so that if the selected text is a partial path, BBEdit will do a search using the "Open File by Name" mechanics, and if there's a single match, simply open the file rather than opening the "Open File by Name" window.

  • Git revision comparison now ensures a unique file name, to resolve an error that would occur when fetching the same revision data multiple times.

  • Fixed bug in which attempting to create a new file (using Save As) would fail without requesting privilege escalation, in situations when it should have done so.

  • Made changes to work around inappropriately aggressive WebKit caching of assets used by "Preview in BBEdit" live previews. As a bonus, "Preview in BBEdit" live previews will now load page assets from documents open in BBEdit. So, for example, if you make edits to a CSS or JavaScript document referenced by a preview and then reload the preview, the changes will be visible immediately, without requiring you to save the CSS or JavaScript.

  • Fixed bug in which the current working directory was not set appropriately when running a Unix text filter; this would cause problems for text filters in packages that needed to locate resources relative to the filter itself.

  • Made a change so that using the "Open File by Name" command will set keyboard focus into the Open File by Name window's search box and select the search box's contents in cases where the window was already open.

  • Project window titles in the Window menu now omit the ".bbprojectd" suffix, since after all brevity is the soul of wit.

  • Fixed a bug in which new documents created from stationery with a file name extension would inappropriately try to auto-guess the language based on the new document's contents.

  • Fixed bug in which a stray drop-down arrow was drawn in the navigation bar of an editing window when no document was being displayed.

  • The Functions and Markers palettes now remember their column positions and sort order.

  • Fixed bug in which clicking a close button in the Windows palette would not close the desired window in cases where the document was open in multiple windows, and alone in the window whose close button was clicked.

  • Made a change to the Kite support so that we only create our Kite listener socket if Kite is actually running. This means that a mysterious .kite/plugin_socks/ directory will no longer appear on systems where Kite isn't installed and running.

  • Added a new flag to bbresults: -n (or --new-window), which will force a new results window in cases where the application might otherwise have decided to re-use an existing results window.

  • bbresults adds a new built-in pattern: grep, which is suitable for parsing the output of grep(1).

  • Fixed a bug in which "Paste & Match Indentation" did not properly appear on the contextual menu when holding down the Shift and Option keys.

  • Fixed a bug which allowed duplication of items on the Open Recent menu in cases where an opened item was moved to a new location and/or renamed.

  • Fixed bug which prevented Open Recent from remounting disks (including disk images) when choosing an item from the menu.

  • Worked around a behavior of the OS dictation system in which it would insert naked carriage returns when new line or new paragraph was spoken; these would appear as gremlins.

  • The "Done" button is now the default (as intended) after entering a license code in the License panel.

  • Fixed a bug in which some filter settings were missing from the file filter popup menu in TextWrangler disk browsers.

  • Made a change to CRLF conversion to preserve legacy behavior: namely a naked CR is now converted to the internal representation, rather than being left alone and being represented as a gremlin.

  • "Check Syntax" will ignore the #! line in the document you're checking, which fixes a bug in which checking the syntax of a Python document with a #! line would fail to do anything visible. The "Run", "Run in Terminal", and "Debug" commands will honor the #! line.

  • Made some adjustments to the evaluation mode behavior.

What is new in version 11.6.2:


  • This release consists entirely of fixes for reported issues, and contains no new features.


  • Fixed drawing glitch which would occur in the list header of disk browser windows when resizing the sidebar required a text layout change.

  • Added support for the "squished heredoc" syntax introduced in Ruby 2.3.

  • Removed the factory default keyboard equivalent for "Print All", because it's a little too close to the factory default equivalent for "Previous Document".

  • Made a change to improve behavior when receiving text dragged from applications which only provide byte-swapped UTF-16 (I'm looking at *you*,

  • Fixed drawing glitches which would occur when resizing the sidebar in Differences windows.

  • Fixed bug in which the size of the differences list in Differences windows was not maintained correctly when reshaping the window (and sometimes it would disappear altogether).

  • When creating a new document from stationery, and the stationery file has a name extension that maps to a known language, the new document's language will be set to that language. For example, a new document created from a stationery file named "`foo.tex`" will have a language of TeX, and a document created from a stationery file named "``" will have a language of Objective-C++.

  • Fixed bug in which the application would crash while opening the Multi-File Search window in cases where a previously selected instaproject or text document had had its backing folder (or file) deleted.

  • "Remove Line Breaks" no longer causes a visible "jump" to the beginning of the document in the view being processed.

  • Fixed a bug in which fat-binary Mach-o executables wouldn't appear on some menus when they should have.

  • Fixed bug in which using the Text Options popover would destabilize the application. A typical symptom was that the application would crash while refreshing the Clippings panel.

  • Fixed bug in which Unix tool discovery was too strict in its definition of what an executable tool was, and excluded `#!` scripts such as `perldoc`.

  • The Terminal command file generated by "Run in Terminal" now contains logic to delete itself as well as the temporary copy created when running an unsaved document (if applicable) after execution is complete.

  • Fixed bug in which literal string matching ("is", "is not") in file filters was case sensitive.

  • Made changes to improve usability with SFTP servers that implement obsolete versions of the protocol (in particular, `CoreFTP` on Windows).

  • Fixed a crash which would occur when spawning shell subtasks on macOS 10.12.

  • If it is not possible to determine the Perforce configuration file name from the environment, BBEdit will now search for a configuration file named `.p4config`, rather than giving up. To default to a different name, use the `PerforceDefaultConfigFileName` expert preference.

  • If a Differences window has exactly one unsaved document displayed and focus is in the differences list, the "Save" and "Revert" commands will now operate on that document, rather than doing nothing.

  • Fixed a bug in which items used in the Text Factory sources sheet (from the "Choose" button) would persist after the sheet was gone, leading to unexpected performance problems as they kept up with changes going on in the rest of the application.

  • Fixed various memory leaks.

  • When running on OS X 10.10 or later and "Increase contrast" is turned on in the system Accessibility preferences, text for UI elements in editing windows is now drawn darker, as are dividing lines between some UI elements.

  • Fixed bug in which Emacs mode lines which specified unrecognized modes would set a document's language to "None", even when the document's filename extension correctly indicated the language.

  • Fixed bug in which using the AppleScript interface to open the application-wide Scratchpad (or Unix Worksheet) would open a new window for the document, even if it was already open.

  • Made a change to Open File by Name searching so that exact matches for the entered file name are found, even in very large search spaces, rather than being lost due to restrictions on the maximum number of search results.

  • When a document opens in a disk browser or results list window as a result of clicking on an item in the sidebar (or results list, as appropriate), the text view no longer draws as though it has keyboard focus, since it doesn't.

  • Fixed bug in which identifying the active Xcode project (for Open File by Name and other purposes) didn't work correctly with Xcode 8.

  • Fixed bug in which the `DATETIME_GMT` and `DATETIME_UTC` clipping placeholders would use local time when expanded during clipping insertion.

  • When running on macOS 10.12, our additions to the spelling panel are suppressed in order to work around a bug in which the OS lays out the panel incorrectly. (Radar 28263496.)

  • Fixed crashes and other misbehavior which would occur when switching between a color scheme and customized settings.

  • When "Everything" is turned on in the project sidebar, packages (documents, applications, etc) are now listed and can be twisted open to inspect their contents.

  • Worked around a bug in macOS 10.12 which would cause strange behavior when switching color schemes or changing individual color settings in the "Text Colors" preferences.

What is new in version 11.6.1:


  • The "Options" panel in the Multi-File Search window now provides control over whether to search Git ignored files or not.

  • The file filter popup menu for disk browsers and project windows (available under the magnifying glass icon) now has a command: "Git Ignored Files". This command controls whether git-check-ignore is applied when filtering files for inclusion in the sidebar. It's off by default, so any item which is excluded by a .gitignore file will be hidden.

  • The "Open File by Name" window gets a control to include Git ignored files in the results. (This has no effect when using an URL or entering a full file path.)

  • On the "Text Display" submenu of the View menu, there are three new commands: "Zoom In", "Zoom Out", and "Actual Size". Use these to change the magnification of the text in editing views. For convenience you can assign keyboard equivalents to these commands in the "Menus & Shortcuts" preferences.

  • The Find Differences command now offers an option to include Git ignored files when comparing folders.


  • The "List Display Font" setting in the Appearance preferences has been replaced with a slider to set the font size. Lists in the application all use the system font. Most will use the specified size, except in specific cases where circumstance requires the use of a fixed font size.

  • Added Command-K and Command-R as keyboard equivalents for "Check Syntax" and "Run", respectively. (These were chosen for compatibility with THINK C.)

  • Differences that have been applied are now crossed out in the Differences window list, in order to avoid janky font italicizing effects on some OS versions.

  • When using "Check Syntax" or "Run" on an unsaved or untitled document, the application will now write out a temporary copy of the document. In the case of untitled documents, the temporary copy will be in the system-designated temporary items location, which is arbitrary but generally not anywhere near $HOME.

What is new in version 11.6:


  • BBEdit 11.6 introduces a new demo model in which its complete feature set is available for the first 30 days of use.

    At the end of the 30-day evaluation period, BBEdit will remain permanently functional with a revised feature set that includes its powerful text editing capabilities but not its web authoring tools or other exclusive features. BBEdit's exclusive features may be re-enabled at any time with a purchased license.

    When the product is unlicensed, menu commands corresponding to these features are badged with a "Demo" icon.

  • The file info panel (used for text statistics and the Document Status navigation bar item) gets a new "location" field showing the URL to the file, and "Copy" buttons for the full path and the location.

  • Clicking on the cursor position display in the status bar now opens a popover that you can use to go to another line. (The popover stays up until you click outside of it or press the Escape key, allowing you to browse the file by line number.)

  • Added "New Text Window" to the application dock menu. This is equivalent to the "New Text Window" command in the menu bar.

  • By default, the Open panel implements the standard system behavior of displaying the same folder that was viewed the last time you used the Open command. If you wish, you may instead have the Open panel display the directory containing the active document (or some other location apposite to the front window):

    defaults write com.barebones.bbedit OpenPanelShowsFrontDocumentDirectory -bool YES

    If no documents are open and a suitable location could not otherwise be determined, the Open panel will show you the last-used directory.

  • Added x-show-tab-stops as an application-specific EditorConfig key.

  • Open File by Name, disk browsers, instaprojects, and the Counterparts navigation bar item will now filter out files that are in Git repositories and match .gitignore file rules. (In disk browsers and instaprojects, the "Everything" filter item will make such files visible again.)

  • Folder scanning used in multi-file search/replace/text factory operation, Find Differences, and site deployment will now skip over files that match rules specified in .gitignore files, in cases where the directory being scanned is (or is inside of) a Git working copy.

  • There is a new command-line tool: bbresults. This tool reads data from stdin which is expected to be typically formed Unix error messages. This data is then used to create a BBEdit results window which provides navigation of errors and warnings within BBEdit itself.

What is new in version 11.5.2:


  • This release consists entirely of fixes for reported issues, and contains no new features.


  • Fixed bug in which initiating a drag with the mouse could happen unintentionally when clicking on draggable objects.

  • Fixed crash and malfunction which could occur in certain situations when converting Unicode data from a non-Unicode on disk representation in zero-length files.

  • Made a change to reduce the transient memory requirements when performing a non-Grep Replace All operation using a replace string that is longer than the search string.

  • Made a change so that text factories and multi-file Replace All operations avoid running out of address space when processing an extremely large number of files.

  • Fixed crash which would occur when trying to change the name of a "Favorite" in the font panel.

  • Fixed bug in which a document's Undo history was cleared when using "Move to New Window" from the project sidebar popup or contextual menu.

  • Made some changes to address lurking concurrency problems during package loading.

  • Improved the performance of "Strip trailing whitespace" when saving documents and the eponymous preference is turned on in the Text Files preferences.

  • If a file-based Unix script or filter isn't usable because of its on-disk representation (as when choosing it from the Apply Text Filter or Scripts menus), an informative error is now reported.

  • Fixed bug in which heredoc strings in Unix Shell Script documents were not colored using the proper color.

  • Fixed a bug in the VHDL and Verilog HDL language modules that would cause unexpected coloring effects (which sometimes corrected themselves during editing, and sometimes not).

  • The Live Search box no longer displays the magnifying glass (the system draws it incorrectly on retina displays, and won't be corrected).

  • Made some adjustments to the Replace All sheet for text factories to correct font usage and allow reasonable behavior when resizing the sheet.

  • Fixed cosmetic glitch in results windows, along the boundary between the splitter and the text view.

  • When spell checking in HTML/XML, the checker now properly handles transitions between checkable ranges (such as CDATA body text) and non-checkable ranges (tags), so that all CDATA text will be checked, even if checking did not start inside of a CDATA range.

  • Fixed drawing glitches when changing the sidebar width in editing windows with "Show Gutter" turned off.

  • When closing a very large document without saving changes, and "Make Backups" is turned on, the auto-recovery file doesn't neeeeeeed to have trailing whitespace stripped out, so we no longer do that (and save lots of time in the process).

  • Fixed drawing glitches which would occur when combining selection-range changes and scrolling in certain circumstances.

  • When "Find Next Misspelled Word" wraps around, the "Wrap Around" indication is now displayed (as it should be).

  • Fixed case in which a text view would draw twice when loading a document and then changing its selection range to some place that required scrolling.

  • Put in code to work around a bug in the OS (16742697) which would cause the application to crash after scrolling views in an Open or Save panel (and a few other windows).

  • Fixed a crash which would occur in some situations when calculating data for the fold gutter.

  • Fixed a cosmetic glitch in which a diff-colored line would occasionally be drawn diagonally across one of the text views in a Differences window.

  • Fixed bug in which document state was not automatically saved in situations where it should have been saved when closing the document.

  • Fixed bug in which the status bar would not be drawn completely when responding to actions triggered by a status bar item's popup menu.

  • It is now possible to run Perl, Python, or Ruby files directly from an editing window, the Scripts menu, or the "Apply Text Filter" command when the file in question does not have a shebang line, as long as the document's language is set appropriately.

  • When python3 is available in a typical executable location, we will now use that to run Python scripts that don't have a shebang (#!) line.

  • Updated the built-in list of PHP predefined names so that symbols occurring in PHP embedded in HTML will be colored.

  • Fixed bug in which invisible text views (such as worksheets displaying output in a window while a different document was selected) would inappropriately bleed scrolling through to the active document.

  • When saving an already extant document, the permissions check (to determine the need for authentication) no longer checks the parent directory if the file itself appears to be writeable.

  • Fixed crash which would occur when attempting to type a callout comment at the very end of a C-family language document.

What is new in version 11.5.1:

  • Only the selected top-level difference is colored using the Differences color when selected; all others are colored using a subtle gray shade.

  • When a difference containing sub-line differences is selected, all of the sub-line differences are colored using a darkened (or lightened, for dark color schemes) version of the Differences color.

  • When a specific sub-line difference is selected, it is colored using a darkened (or lightened, for dark color schemes) version of the Differences color. The surrounding difference range is colored using a subtle gray shade. None of the other sub-line differences are colored when a specific sub-line difference is selected.



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